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Hungry Girl Today: 01.24.07


Dear Hungry Girl,

I love peanut butter but am not crazy about that Better 'n Peanut Butter you
write about all the time. And the real stuff has WAY too many calories (no
matter how "healthy" it is). Got any other tricks up your sleeve, HG?

PB Queen

Dear PB Queen,

Oh boy -- are you in luck! Your timing could not POSSIBLY have been better
(and not just because today is National Peanut Butter Day). While I am a fan
of Better 'n Peanut Butter (also sold as Peanut Wonder), I know that it works
better in recipes than it does straight, and that it tastes a little bit more like
pb & jelly than straight peanut butter. That's why my head almost exploded
when I recently found PB2. PB2 is my newest peanut butter obsession.
Basically, it's just powdered peanut butter. Now before you get all freaked
out and upset at the sound of it, listen to what I have to say. There's a
company in Georgia called Bell Plantation. And they make cool,
unconventional peanut stuff. Well, they have found a way to extract
practically all of the oil and fat from peanuts when they roast and grind 'em
down. The result is a fine, insanely delicious-smelling, peanut butterlicious
powder that is EXTREMELY versatile. You can add water to it and essentially
turn it into low-cal, low-fat peanut butter (2 tbsp. of the stuff has just 54
calories and less than 3g of fat). OR you can use it cleverly in recipes and
make peanut buttery smoothies, cakes, hot cocoa, ice cream sundae
toppings, etc. The possibilities are endless. I literally spent an entire
Saturday night experimenting with this stuff and had the BEST time (it was
not nearly as pathetic as it sounds, I promise). I will DEFINITELY be
featuring this stuff a lot on HG. I have big plans for it. So keep an eye out
for recipes that call for it. They're on the way. BTW, PB2 is hard to find in
stores, but it's sold online. Order some now so you're stocked up once the
recipes roll out! Have fun!


Dear Hungry Girl,

Two questions. 1. Can I substitute Crystal Light for water? And 2.

What is the story with Looking Good Now! magazine? I keep hearing rumors
that it may be folding.

Two Qs for You

Dear Two Qs,

Hey there! The short answer to your Crystal Light Q is no. I mean, there's
really no sub for straight water. CL offers some of the same benefits as
water, but it also has artificial sweeteners and chemicals. You're always
better off guzzling the real thing. Try drinking it at room temperature if you
have trouble getting it down (that's what I do). But drinking Crystal Light IS
better than drinking high-calorie beverages or not drinking anything. As for
LGN magazine, I'm afraid to say it is officially gone. Sad but true. You can
still find Hungry Girl articles in People StyleWatch editions, the NY Daily News
and on Yahoo! Food, though.


Today, January 24th, is National Peanut Butter Day. Check out our pb finds
and recipes. Then eat some!

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