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Hungry Girl Today: 03.05.07


Puttin' On The Spritz!

Oooooh, if you've been spraying 'n misting up a storm with your Wish-Bone
Salad Spritzers, we've got GREAT news for you. We're officially welcoming
FOUR new flavors to the Salad Spritzer lineup. Caesar Delight Vinaigrette,
French Flair Vinaigrette, Asian Silk Vinaigrette and Raspberry Bliss
Vinaigrette are the new sprayable dressings with just 10 - 15 calories per 10-
spray serving, and we hear they ROCK as much as the first three (though we
haven't tried 'em yet). If you're obsessed with salad dressing, you may need
to check out, the kooky site from Wish-Bone that allows you
to have an actual therapy session with their resident salad specialist, Dr.
Litenspritz. You can even take the Spritz-Blot Test and the doc will analyze
you. No worries, if you're not into getting to know the doctor personally, you
can do other stuff like check out salad recipes and watch videos of group
sessions. Yeah, seriously.

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Soda, Soda...Everywhere!

Oh boy. There's lots of carbonated beverage news this week, people. First
off, both Pepsi and Coke announced they'd begin listing specific info
about how much caffeine their beverages contain. In addition, Pepsi is also
changing the look of their cans. Oh, and Pepsi also says they'll be releasing
Diet Pepsi MAX, a version of their calorie-free cola that contains EXTRA
caffeine and some ginseng as well. Not to be shown up, Coke will launch Diet
Coke Plus, a version of their signature diet soda that is infused with a slew of
vitamins and minerals (yes, vitamin-and-mineral-packed DIET SODA!). Does
anyone else find all of this ridiculous? Good.

Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Pillows for Foodies - With everything from toast and pancakes to cupcakes
and sushi, you will FREAK when you see this insanely adorable line of squishy
pillows shaped like your favorite foods. Warning: Extreme cuteness comes
with a high price tag -- these fluffy treats are expensive.


Useful Kitchen Art - Good'll never again need to Google
measurement conversions when you apply this super-helpful Equivalent
Measures Wonderful Graffiti Transfer to your wall or cabinet. The bad news is
you have to look at it every day.


Nuke Fat-Free Items from Scratch - This Microwave Chip/French Fries Maker
ROCKS! Zap up some fatless chips and fries from potatoes, tortillas, pita
bread and more. Weeeee!


The Buzz...

Krispy Kreme has launched a whole wheat donut that contains 180 calories
and 11 fat grams. Their regular ones have between 200 and 380 calories and
12 - 32 grams of fat each. This is definitely more of an excuse to eat a donut
than an actual healthy choice...just sayin'. ***This fall, Campbell's will launch
40 new soups, including more reduced sodium varieties that use sea salt,
and even their very first organic soups. Soup sales are SOARING!
***Fatburger has added two new, healthier choices to their menu: the
Veggieburger (which uses an actual Boca patty and is served on a whole
wheat bun), and the Fat Salad Wedge (a hunk of lettuce with diced bacon,
tomatoes and dressing). ***Food fans may enjoy, a new online
network featuring tons of mini online cooking shows and food and product
segments. Check it out; it's like Food Network with regular people (and
slightly less entertaining shows). ***Oh, there's still plenty of time to
exercise your right to vote for Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Light American
Idol "Take The Cake" ice cream. So stop wasting time and do it (we've gotta
kick Hollywood Cheesecake's butt!). That's all we've got. HG out!



This is Chocolate Chip Cookie Week. Celebrate with some Chips Ahoy! Thin
Crisps 100 Calorie Packs...Yay!

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