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Hungry Girl Today: 03.12.07


Richard Simmons Does D.C.!

Imagine our surprise and delight when we ran into one of our idols, diet guru
Richard Simmons, while we were over at KTLA doing a morning show
segment last week. Richard was there (decked out in a beauteous lavender
blazer and tie) to talk about a cause that's VERY near and dear to him -- H.R.
1224 (Strengthening Physical Education Act of 2007) -- a bill that would make
physical education part of the core curriculum under the No Child Left Behind
Act. We promised Richard we'd put the message out to HG subscribers
asking for their help (and that our subscribers wouldn't let him down!) -- so
click here to read all about Richard's cause and how YOU can help make kids
healthier. Just do it! Richard and HG thank you...


Friday's News & FREE Coffee At Starbucks...Woohoo!

Friday's Introduces Portion-Controlled Entrees - Let's welcome six new,
affordably priced ($6.99 - $8.99), smaller entrees to the T.G.I. Friday's
menu. Four of Friday's classic dishes are also being made available in
smaller portions. They may be tinier but they're not necessarily diet-friendly.
Watch out for the Half-Rack Baby Back Ribs and the Jack Daniel's Chicken
Alfredo. The really exciting news is that two of the offerings, Dragonfire
Chicken and Shrimp Key West, are also included in the "Better For You"
section, and they each contain 500 calories or less and 10 grams of fat or
less per serving.


Free Coffee at The 'Bucks - Do NOT miss the "Starbucks Coffee Break" and
your big chance to get a FREE Tall (12-oz.) coffee this Thursday, March 15th,
from 10am 'til noon at Starbucks locations all over the U.S., Canada, Asia
and Australia. While you're there, check out their brewing sale and get a
great deal on your very own brewer. Yee-haaa!

Spotted On Shelves...

PEEPS Sugar-Free Chicks - Oh boy! We've been BARRAGED with emails
about these brand-new, sweetened-with-SPLENDA marshmallow treats.
They've got 20 calories per Chick (that's 12 calories less than the regular
ones) and people seem to LOVE 'em. Heads up -- these sugarless, fat-free
treats aren't easy to find in stores, but we peeped a few packs on eBay!


Special K Bars, Honey Nut - Hooray, a new flavor! We're fans of these 90-
calorie snack bars -- some flavors ROCK more than others (Vanilla Crisp!).
We're happy to say there's a new flavor in town -- Honey Nut -- and it's very
good. It actually tastes like day-old Rice Krispies Treats (and we honestly
mean that in the best way possible).

Planters Trail Mix in Berry, Nut & Chocolate - Well, it's National Peanut Month
so we thought we'd tell you about this KICKIN' new mix of roasted nuts,
regular and orange-flavored cranberries, dark and golden raisins, real dark
chocolate candy pieces, cherries and mango. YOWSA! Careful not to eat the
whole bag; each 1-oz. serving has got 120 calories and 5g fat.


The Buzz...

A recent cereal study found that eating seven or more servings of whole-
grain breakfast cereal each week might help men avoid heart failure. Click
here for the full story. ***Reach for orangey tomatoes over red! New
research suggests that a special variety of orange-colored tomatoes provide
a different form of lycopene that our bodies may more readily use. A recent
study showed that people absorbed two-and-a-half times more cancer-
fighting antioxidants from these orange tomatoes than from ordinary red
ones. ***An 80-person company called Rockford Acromatic Products is
paying their employees to lose weight -- $4.00 per pound to be exact. And
get this -- since implementing the program, the company claims their
healthcare costs have dropped by $50,000 - $60,000 annually. Pssst...tell
your boss! ***Heads Up! Those brand-new Sugar Free Little Brownies
cookies from the Girl Scouts taste pretty awful. If you want a better option,
grab some of their reduced fat Cartwheels. Those are WAY more delicious.
That's all we've got. HG out!

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Hey... March is National Noodle Month! Sounds like a great time to whip up a
bunch of our famous Tofu Shirataki noodle recipes.

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