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Hungry Girl Today: 04.02.07


Gardenburger Introduces Veggie Steaks!

Hold on...before you get all freaked out...these aren't fake "steaks" that taste
like meat or anything remotely like that; these brand-new offerings from
Gardenburger are really just ginormous fancy veggie burgers. Part of the
new Gardenburger Gourmet line, these plumped up patties come in three
varieties. There's Tuscany (with gorgonzola cheese, basil and sun-dried
tomatoes), Hula (with pineapple, coconut and sweet onions) and Baja (with
fire-roasted chilies, pepper jack cheese and cilantro). These are basically
oversized veggie burgers posing as entrees (but we mean that in the best
way possible). Pssst...we had a sneak taste of all three of these and they're
fantastic! Look for them in freezer aisles later this spring. And, in case you
were wondering (like there's a chance you weren't?!), they have between
180 and 250 calories each. Oh, another GB tidbit -- if you jazz up any of your
Gardenburgers and snap pix of them, you could win yourself an official
Gardenburger T-shirt AND free food! Click here for details. Pssst...the
contest changes monthly.


Frozen Food: Steamier Than Ever...

Hot on the heels of all those steam-in-the-bag frozen veggies that everyone
has been going nuts over, Healthy Choice will roll out a line of 12
microwavable entrees that steam right in their special containers. "Cafe
Steamers" will be available this summer -- and we can't wait to sample 'em.
Birds Eye, the company that made microwave steaming cool with their
Steamfresh line, started the trend last year, and their insanely popular line
has grown from 9 to 17 veggie varieties. By the way, frozen foods and
veggies that steam in the microwave may appear healthier than ones you
boil, but the jury is still out on whether there's any truth to that. Still, they're
REALLY fun (have you SEEN the way those Steamfresh bags puff up?!).
Healthy Choice Gets Steamy!


Spotted On Shelves...

Tropicana Fruit Squeeze - Ooooh, juicy water! Yeah, we're tired of flavored
waters, but these are infused with Tropicana fruit juice, are super-refreshing,
and have just 20 calories per 8-oz. serving (there's a 35-calorie bottle and a
larger 50-calorie one). Not bad! HG's flavor picks are Tropical Tangerine and
Pink Grapefruit. The Summer Lemon's good, too.


Amy's Toaster Pops, Cheese Pizza - These aren't really new, but we wanted
to remind you that they exist. We think these are just about the most
delicious and indulgent 150 calories and 5g fat a pizza lover can chew. You
MUST locate these. That's an order!

Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Pudding Treats - Yee-haa! We love the Kozy
Shack peeps. They've outdone themselves with this ultra-clever spin on plain
old pudding. For 70 calories try Apple Pie a la Mode (vanilla
pudding/apples/cinnamon sauce), Cherries Jubilee (vanilla pudding/cherries),
or Black Forest (chocolate pudding/cherries). Watch your back, Jell-O.

Dannon All Natural Yogurt - Just wanted to flag this stuff because it's the only
national, kosher-for-Passover yogurt on supermarket shelves (the others out
there aren't national brands). Who knew?! Heads up though, the newer All
Natural blended-style yogurts (with the "No Artificial Anything" tagline) are
NOT kosher for Passover. And BTW -- those original All Natural flavored ones
have 150 calories and 2.5g fat per 6-oz. serving, and the plain (which has a
bit more fat) is available in low-fat and nonfat versions.


The Buzz...

Grapefruits are still going strong. They were all the rage in the 70s (being
touted as a "magic" food), and studies have found that people who drank 3
servings of grapefruit juice per day for 12 weeks lost an average of 3.3 lbs.
each. Grapefruits also promote healthy aging. Just a friendly HG reminder
why g-fruits ROCK. ***Once thought of as "boy food", jerky is now being
targeted at women. Jack Link's has some new sweeter and softer meat
snacks that (they're hoping) will appeal to women. We heart jerky and can't
wait to try these new varieties, which include Maple & Brown Sugar Ham
Jerky (1 oz. = 80 calories, 0.5g fat) and Maple & Brown Sugar Pork Tender
Cuts (1 oz. = 80 calories, 1.5g fat). ***If seeing a Starbucks store on every
block isn't enough for you, keep an eye out for Starbucks-branded vending
machines featuring their hot beverages, starting this summer. ***Heads up!
If you're wondering why we haven't featured the PB2 powdered peanut
butter recipes we promised a while back, it's because dozens of people are
having major issues having their orders filled. It seems our write-up caused
the company to take on way more than it could possibly handle. HG is doing
everything in its power to help fix the issue. In the meantime, please sit
tight! That's all we've got. HG out!
Grapefruits = GREATfruits!


Today, April 2nd, is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day. If you want to
celebrate without guilt, check out these PB & J bars from Health Valley.

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