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Hungry Girl Today: 04.23.07


Kraft Goes Healthy!

Most Americans have a hard time deciphering food labels. So Kraft is
stepping in to help. Their Sensible Solution system flags foods that are better
for you in some way from a nutritional standpoint. Over 500 Kraft products --
including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and beverages -- will carry the
flag. The best part is, the Sensible Solution section of Kraft's website includes
info about hundreds of these products, broken down by category. You can
search for products that are low/no calorie, low/no sugar, heart healthy, kid
friendly, low in sodium, high in protein, packed with fiber, rich in certain
vitamins and more. There are even sensible tips to go along with each
category. This is truly helpful and worth checking out. We're impressed (and
coming from us that means a lot). Way to go, Kraft!


Spotted On Shelves...

Diet Coke Plus - We've mentioned this stuff before but now people are
actually seeing it for sale. This nutrient-infused sugar-free soda comes in
GORGEOUS cans and bottles. How does it taste? Uhhh...we have no idea
because we haven't tried it yet. Let us know if you have...

Lipton Iced/Green/White Tea To Go - Now this stuff comes in zillions more
flavors. (FYI -- We still like the Green Tea with Mandarin & Mango best!)


Silk Plus Fiber Soymilk - It's not super light or low in any way (1 cup = 100
calories, 3.5g fat), but each cup of the stuff packs in 5 whole grams of fiber
(making it just 1 Point) -- impressive!


Time To Win Stuff!

HG's 250,000th Subscriber Goodie Giveaway - This one has crept up on us so
quickly that there's simply no time to put together a big contest. But we are
literally days (maybe minutes?!) away from reaching the 250,000 subscriber
mark (that means Hungry Girl has almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION
SUBSCRIBERS!). We need your help getting there FAST. All you need to do
is tell as many people as you can about HG's daily emails and ask them to
sign up and mention YOU in the "How did you hear about HG?" section. We'll
be scouring our subscriber list for true fans whose names pop up frequently --
and we'll be sending them goodies. We're going to be giving away dozens of
prizes like HG keychains, pens, T-shirts and more. So tell everyone you
know to sign up for HG...PLLEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSE!

The Search for America's Worst Cook! - The American Egg Board is
searching for the worst cook in the USA! If you think it's you or someone you
know, enter yourself or a friend by submitting a 200-words-or-less essay
(you can include video and pics but it's not necessary). The winner and a
guest will be flown to NYC to take cooking courses at the Institute of Culinary
Education. Check it out -- contest ends June 30th.


South Beach Diet's Sing For Satisfaction Site - There's kooky videos (with
songs about South Beach Diet foods and everything!), helpful tips, free
samples and more. But the best part is that they're giving away 100
awesome prizes each and every day until the end of May, including T-shirts
and iPod Nanos! This mini site is super-cute, so check it out!


The Buzz...

Everyone is BUZZING about the new 330-calorie, 9g-of-fat (6 Points)
Southwest Salad from McDonald's. We've gotten TONS of emails about it
from subscribers, and then McDonald's was nice enough to deliver a whole
slew of them to the HG office so we could sample 'em. THIS SALAD ROCKS!
The chicken is fresh and fantastic and the corn, black beans and veggies are
delicious -- TWO YUMS UP! Remember to order GRILLED chicken (not crispy)
and use the somewhat-creamy 100-calorie dressing packet sparingly
(nutritionals don't include the dressing). This salad is here for a limited time
only so enjoy it while you can. ***Speaking of fast food, click here to check
out a fun little site that compares pics of fast food as they appear in ads vs.
how they look when you actually buy them. It's worth a peek for a little
chuckle. ***A new study suggests that chocolate causes a more intense and
longer lasting buzz than kissing. But remember, chocolate contains calories
and kisses don't -- so proceed with caution. ***Want to eat less? Leave the
table messy! New research shows that people consume LESS food if
evidence of the food they have already eaten is left on the table. Interesting!
That's all we've got. HG out!

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April is Fresh Celery Month. We like ours doused in Vivi's Classic Carnival
Mustard. Yum!!!!!


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