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Hungry Girl Today: 07.16.07


Spotted on Shelves...

Healthy Choice Cafe Selections Paninis - Yep -- they're copycat versions of
the delicious Lean Cuisine ones. But we don't care -- these are really good,
too! So far we've seen 'em in Philly Cheesesteak and Tomato, Basil &
Mozzarella, but they're so new there's no info about 'em on the Healthy
Choice website yet. Maybe there are more on the way! (BTW, both kinds
have the same stats - 310 calories, 4.5g fat and 6g fiber = 6 Points).


SoLean Sausage Egg Muffin - These new part pork/part soy b-fast English
muffins are all natural and have great stats (235 calories, 5g fat, 5g fiber = 4
Points) -- and they taste great, too! Skip the drive-thru -- nuke one of these
babies at home, and then grab it and go! Sold at Whole Foods and other


Quaker Sweet & Salty Crunch Granola Bars - These brand-new snack bars
from Quaker come in Oats Nuts & Honey, Honey Roasted Peanut, and Toffee
Nut Crunch. They come two to a 3-Point pack (150 calories, 5-6g fat, 2g fiber
for each pack). Everyone and their grandmother makes sweet & salty bars
that are chewy, but these crunchy ones from Quaker are a nice tasty change.


100-Calorie Explosion!

There's no end in sight to the 100-calorie phenomenon, and we can't say
we're upset in the slightest. Our love of cute portion-controlled snacks
continues to grow stronger every day. Here's a list of the latest releases
we're likely to have massive crushes on soon...

Nabisco Alpha-Bits Mini Cookies and Barnum's Animals Choco Crackers 100
Calorie Packs - Two new cookie offerings from the 100-calorie kings! The
Alpha-Bits are alphabet-block-shaped shortbread cookies, and the Choco
Crackers are chocolate-flavored animal crackers. Yum!

Hershey's 100 Calorie Bags of Twizzlers - Yep, keep an eye out for mini
packs of the famous red licorice. Sounds like the perfect movie snack (the
jumbo packs sold at theaters have about 600 calories -- eeek!).

BTW, the number one selling 100-calorie snack is currently Nabisco's Chips
Ahoy! Thin Crisps, with their Oreo Thin Crisps following closely behind.

Fast Food & Other Restaurant News...

Subway Posts Calorie Counts, Other Restaurants Rebel - In a bold move,
Subway has become the first large chain restaurant to list calorie counts on
menu boards (in its NYC locations). While many restaurants are refusing to
comply with the new menu-labeling law in NYC, Subway is proudly displaying
nutritional info front and center. Note: Auntie Anne's, Johnny Rockets and
Arby's are on board with the law, and will posting calorie counts soon. But
McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s are refusing to comply. And Dunkin'
Donuts is fighting the law as well. BTW, laws similar to this one are in the
works for several other cities, so sit tight!


BK Officially Ditches Trans Fats - Burger King has joined Wendy's and Taco
Bell in the war against trans fats. All of their menu items will now be cooked
in trans-fat-free oils. That leaves us wondering whether or not McDonald's
will ever fulfill their promise to make the switch. Think they will? We don't!

Steak 'n Shake Lighter Choices - As of TODAY, Steak 'n Shake is offering
new Lighter Choices menu items at all of their locations, featuring a bunch of
made-to-order entree salads. In addition to improved versions of old
favorites, there are two new ones -- the Apple Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad
and the Classic Grilled Chicken Salad. Their website breaks down all the
nutritional info so you can tell exactly how many calories each add-on has
(and then everything is tallied for you!). We wish more restaurants would
offer detailed info like that...


The Buzz...

Mushrooms can help you lose weight?! A 100-gram serving of fresh
mushrooms is 50% water and clocks in at a mere 22 calories. That makes it
a low-energy-dense food (one that provides a larger portion size with fewer
calories). The bottom line? Eat more low-energy-dense foods and you'll feel
fuller without taking in a huge amount of calories. We heart mushrooms.
Check out this recipe for Portabella Skins. Yum! ***It's time to vote and
choose The Next Food Network Star, people! After last night's shocking
episode, it's down to Rory & Amy. Now the audience gets to decide who gets
their own show. Our money's on Amy!!! Click here to vote (and remember,
AMY ROCKS!!!). ***A new study shows that if you consume food in liquid
form (be it sugary, fatty or protein-rich), it’s very likely you’ll eat more food
throughout the day. Calorie intake was directly measured in the study,
revealing that people drinking liquid foods consumed more calories later on
in the day than their food-chewing counterparts (even though at the time
they had reported feeling just as full). So choose apples over apple juice and
prunes over prune juice (or, um, nothing pruney at all). Click here to read
more about the study. . That's all we've got. HG out!

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Yesterday, July 15th, was National Ice Cream Day. No worries -- you can still
celebrate today with one of our guilt-free picks!


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