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Hungry Girl Today: 08.29.07


Dear HG,

I am a pasta FIEND, and I have tried so, SO hard to fall in love with those
Tofu Shirataki noodles you LIVE for. But as hard as I try, I just can't make
myself enjoy or appreciate them. I need something that's more pasta-ish. Do
you know of any other noodle substitutes that are fairly low in calories and
maybe high in fiber?


Dear Pasta-Obsessed,

I'll try to get over the fact that you don't love House Foods Tofu Shirataki (I
LOVE IT SO MUCH!), but the truth is that you're not alone. I sometimes get
emails from people who aren't huge fans of the stuff. They think it's just a bit
too slippery to be a reasonable swap for pasta. If you're one of those folks,
you may want to try FiberGourmet Light Pasta. It comes in flavors like
Spinach, Tomato, Classic, Whole Wheat, Garlic Parsley, and Chocolate
(which sounds scary, but it doesn't really taste like chocolate, so it's not
THAT scary!). The stuff is really pretty good. The texture is definitely a bit
more pasta-y than Tofu Shirataki, and it's a little gummy and chewy (in a
good way). It has 130 calories per 2-ounce, uncooked serving (which is
practically 40% fewer calories than regular 210-calorie pasta), and it packs
in a WHOPPING 18 grams of fiber per serving, too, which is pretty
phenomenal. FYI, if youÂ’re a serving-size skeptic, you'll be happy to know
that an official HG weigh-in was conducted, and 2 ounces of the stuff
uncooked yielded 1 (very packed!) cup of cooked noodles, just like regular
pasta. Also super-impressive? The fact that the company posted the
product's lab results, confirming that its diet-friendly nutritionals are legit. I
really do like this stuff and recommend it for people who want a lower calorie
substitute for noodles but aren't crazy about the Shirataki stuff. Give it a
whirl and let me know what you think. (BTW, I've tried all of the other pasta
alternatives out there, and while there are many healthy options, there are
very few that really save you lots of calories -- FiberGourmet and Tofu
Shirataki are definitely your best bets there!)

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Hungry Girl,

I need help. Soon I will be getting my wisdom teeth taken out, and I've been
told that all I will be able to eat is liquid-y foods (ice cream, soups, etc.).
During my recovery, what kinds of items can I "eat" without gaining back the
weight that I've worked sooo hard to lose? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

(Soon To Be) Toothless in Tulsa

Dear Toothless,

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let this be an excuse for you to (literally) suck
down gazillions of calories and fat grams. So often people fall into that trap.
They think that drinking calories is somehow better than chewing them, and
that they couldn't possibly gain weight by sipping liquids all day. But fatty
cream-based soups, bowls of ice cream, and thick shakes packed with
calories, sugars, and fat are NOT acceptable meals. And it's VERY easy to
gain weight on a liquid diet if you make bad decisions. There are a slew of
HG recipes you can make and enjoy while on a liquid/soft-foods diet. Check
out these smoothies and shakes, our famous Strawberry Cloud, and these
coffee drink tips and recipes. And to see my picks for guilt-free ice cream,
click here. In addition, you can have LightFull Smoothies, light yogurt (those
come in every flavor under the sun), oatmeal (mixed with pumpkin... yum!),
healthy soups (LOVE Progresso's new WW soups and Amy's Chunky Tomato
Bisque), no-sugar-added applesauce (Mott's Healthy Harvest ones are great),
and the insides of baked potatoes mixed with a little fat-free creamer (so
good!). If you need a drink that packs a TON of protein, make a shake out of
egg-white protein (Jay Robb makes a GREAT powder). Other good sources of
protein that don't require much chewing? Cheesy egg scrambles made with
light cheese and fat-free egg substitute, lentil-packed soups (heat 'em 'til the
beans are extra soft), and nonfat Greek yogurt (Fage Total 0% is my
favorite!). To make sure you're getting everything you need, you may want
to check in with your doctor or a nutrition professional. Good luck!

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Today, August 29th, is National More Herbs Less Salt Day. So, um, use more
herbs and less salt today!

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