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Hungry Girl Today: 10.10.07


Hungry Girl,

A lot of products you LOVE (like Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers, for example)
contain high fructose corn syrup. I hear that stuff is really awful for you and
should be avoided at all costs. What gives, HG?

Sugar Shock

Dear Sugar Shock,

I write about living and eating in the real world -- figuring out what to eat in
any situation and doing the best you can every day. Everyone knows that
things like fish, lean meats, fruits and veggies are good for them. It gets a
lot trickier navigating the supermarket aisles for decadent foods and things
you CRAVE (which is where I come in!). In any case, since I'm not a doctor,
I called on my good pal Dr. Melina Jampolis (who is an actual MD, and a
nutrition specialist, and the author of The No Time to Lose Diet) to help with
this HFCS question. She says, "While high fructose corn syrup consumed in
larger amounts and in liquid form -- like non-diet soft drinks (which are pure
HFCS) and juices -- MAY have some negative health and weight-loss
consequences, having smaller amounts (less than 10 grams) in foods like
low-fat or fat-free dairy and BBQ sauce is not a major dietary issue." What
she says makes a lot of sense and is important to digest (no pun intended).
In the case of the Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers, those only have 10 - 15
calories a serving, so the amount of HFCS in each serving is MINIMAL. (HFCS
packs a lot of calories, so low-calorie foods in small amounts can only
contain so much of it.) Melina does think it's important for dieters to focus on
lowering overall intake of refined sugars, and not just focus on high fructose
corn syrup as the nutrition villain, which I think is great advice. Now maybe
everyone out there will be able to breathe a bit easier when they discover
their favorite 100-calorie pack or fat-free yogurt contains a small amount of
the stuff...

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Hi, HG!

My question is about the onion rings recipe you have. Can you use egg
whites instead of the Egg Beaters? Does it change the end result?

Ready for My O-Rings

Dear Ready,

Thank you for inquiring about my onion rings. (That's not a sentence you
read every day, is it?) Those rings ROCK and are definitely in my top 5
favorite HG recipes. You'll be happy to know that you can definitely sub egg
whites for Egg Beaters in that recipe. In fact, you can sub a LOT of things for
Egg Beaters when making those onion rings, or any of our "fiber-fried"
recipes. And since the egg really just acts as sort of a "glue" to help the Fiber
One stick to the onions, tons of swaps can be made, and you'll still have
great results. Here are some tips on what to dip your onions in before giving
them a roll around in the F1 breadcrumb sandbox:

For SPICY rings, use Frank's RedHot hot pepper sauce.
For SMOKEY-SWEET rings, use a low-calorie BBQ sauce (like KC Masterpiece
Classic Blend).
For ZESTY, DECADENT rings, use fat-free ranch dressing.
For SUPER-SWEET rings, use sugar-free maple syrup.

Now I want onion rings... badly! If anyone out there has any more tips, feel
free to send 'em in. Thanks!!!

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Today, October 10th, is National Angel Food Cake Day. Typically, angel food
cake (which is made with egg WHITES and no yolks) is lower in fat than
other cakes. YAY!

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