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HG LOVES Progresso Light Soup...

In FIVE Yummy Varieties with 60 Calories & 4g Fiber Per Serving!

Delicious! Filling! Points® value of 0 per serving!



Hungry Girl Today: 10.29.07

Get Deals on Stuff at YOUR Local Supermarkets!!! just got better. If you shop at supermarkets or have
ever set foot in one, you MUST check it out. Just type in your zip code, and
it'll find the best deals on items at all of your local supermarkets! And if you
sign up to become a member (it's free), you can custom-pick your favorite
stores and even enter your exact grocery list. CRAZY (in a good way!).
Curious as to whether or not the stuff on your list is healthy? Take advantage
of their brand-new Nutri-Know system, which gives you the 411 on calories,
nutrients & more. You can even search for foods that are sugar-free, low-
sodium, or cholesterol-free. It's SUPER-helpful! You can also sign up
for "Flyer Alert" emails (which tell you when sales at your favorite stores are
going on) and visit the Coupon Gallery for EXTRA savings. The site recently
re-launched, so be patient and keep checking back if it's a little glitchy
(they're nice people, and the site ROCKS!).


Cool Candy-ish Finds

In honor of Halloween, here are some sweet finds from HG...

GüdFüd - OMG! These are almost too cute to eat. Pronounced "goood foood"
(although we enjoy calling them "guhd fuhd"), they're little round
marshmallow "pillows" filled with either fruity jelly or chocolate. Yum! And
they have just 50 calories and 0g fat per THREE pieces (POINTS® value 1*).


Foosh Energy Mints - Need some help in the energy department? Check out
Foosh sugar-free mints. They've got caffeine, so if you're sensitive to the
stuff, these aren't for you. But if you're adventurous and looking for a
caffeinated candy buzz, go for it. FYI, each mint has as much caffeine as a
cup of coffee. (They're just 5 calories each, with a POINTS® value of 0*.)
BTW, the same company also makes caffeinated chocolate candy, but we
haven't tried 'em -- we're pretty sure we would end up eating a whole bunch
of those and wind up super-wired!


Chocolite Protein Bars - From the makers of Chocolite candy, these new
sugar-free, gluten-free bars are ooey, gooey chocolatey fun. Each has 95 -
100 calories, 3 - 4 grams of fat and 9 - 10g fiber. They come in Triple
Chocolate Fudge (POINTS® value 1*), Peanut Butter (POINTS® value 2*),
and Cookies N Cream (POINTS® value 1*).


Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

FitFlop Sandals - Flip and flop your way to toned calves, thighs and glutes.
Their "micro-wobbleboard technology" (we couldn't make that up!) promises
to give you a workout while you walk. People say these actually work, which
is COOL!

Weird But Delicious Looking Novelty Pens - Who wouldn't want to write with a
hot dog pen, a sushi pen, or a pizza pen? Click and scroll down to check out
what's available. You'll be the envy of friends, co-workers and likely your
boss. So adorable... so useful... and NO CALORIES!

Gum Ball Belt Buckle - AHHHHH! We actually screamed with delight when we
saw this belt buckle for the first time. It holds up to 22 medium-sized GBs,
releases one at a time, and can be refilled again and again. We recommend
using sugar-free gumballs.

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The Buzz...

A recent 14-day study found that yogurt consumption could be linked to
healthier body weight and better nutrient intake. The new research suggests
that women who eat yogurt frequently are not only less likely to be
overweight, but they're also more likely to meet their recommended daily
intakes of vitamins and nutrients. Go, yogurt! ***Experts are now saying
that years of overeating sugar can leave your skin looking dreary and
wrinkly. Click here for more details, and go easy on the sweet stuff this
Halloween. ***It's been called "The YouTube of Cooking" --
has tons of videos full of recipes & kitchen tips. Check it out. And upload
your own vids, too. Everyone's a star... Weeee! ***The American Heart
Association's latest exercise guidelines have been released, and they
recommend that healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 65 engage in
moderately intense exercise for at least 30 minutes, five days a week. So
get movin', peeps. And click here for more info. (FYI, mouse-clicking does
not qualify as moderately intense exercise.) That's all we've got. HG out!

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Today, October 29th, is National Oatmeal Day. Keep an eye out for two new
ROCKIN' oatmeal recipes, coming this Thursday. Woohoo!

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