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Hungry Girl Today: 11.20.07


Amy's Apple Pie

The Apple of Our Eye
We LOVE apples. The fruit... the computers... the PIE. If you love 'em too,
and are looking for a diet-friendly doughy & flaky crust stuffed with sweet
gooey apples, your search is over. Our pals at Amy's have baked up an
adorable apple pie that we're flipping over. The 8-oz. pie contains 2 servings -
- each about the size of a regular slice of pie. (FYI, it's much more fun to eat
a half a pie than a single slice!) It does taste less sugary than ordinary apple
pie (which we think is a good thing). And even though it isn't ridiculously low
in calories and fat, it's still a fantastic alternative to the real thing. Hey, if you
want a fat-free apple dessert with fewer calories, sink a spoon into a
container of Yoplait Light yogurt in Apple Turnover -- that stuff is delicious.
But if it's actual PIE you wanna stuff your face with, Amy's is the way to go.
BTW, we think popping a bunch of these in the oven before a holiday party is
a super-cute dessert idea. Just be sure to have plenty of Fat Free Reddi-wip
on hand (and maybe a little Breyers Double Churn Free fat-free ice cream).
Mmmmmm! Look for these pies at Whole Foods, or click here for a full list of
markets that carry Amy's.

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Serving Size: half a pie (a 4-oz. serving)
Calories: 230
Fat: 8g
Sodium: 135mg
Carbs: 37g
Fiber: 2g
Sugars: 15g
Protein: 2g

POINTS® value 5*

Apple Pie, Average

Rotten Apple
Think fudge brownies and thickly frosted chocolate cakes are the worst of the
worst when it comes to fattening holiday desserts? Think again, Snackpants!
There's an unexpectedly evil dessert lurking around your holiday table,
pretending to be all sweet 'n innocent... and its name is APPLE PIE. It
screams, "I'm fruit-filled, and fruit is good for you!" (BTW, if you can actually
hear your pie utter these words, drive to the nearest hospital ASAP.) But this
pie is a devilish dessert in disguise. Just one slice -- whether from the freezer
aisle, ordered at a chain restaurant, or baked up by Grandma -- contains an
average of nearly 500 calories and TWENTY FIVE fat grams! EEEKS! And if
you think that's bad, do NOT order this dessert at Johnny Rockets -- a slice
of apple pie there will set you back 930 calories and 59 fat grams (POINTS®
value 23*). Order it à la mode and you're looking at a total of 1,190 calories
and 75 grams of fat (POINTS® value 29*). AHHHHHHHH! You could dump a
pint of Breyers Double Churn Free on top of an entire Amy's Apple Pie and
still not come close to those stats! (FYI, if you DO intend to enjoy your pie à
la mode, we recommend sticking to a single serving of each.) Go on, run out
and snap up some of Amy's pies before they're all gone.

Serving Size: 1 slice
Calories: 490
Fat: 25g
Sodium: 400mg
Carbs: 62g
Fiber: 2g
Sugars: 31g
Protein: 3.5g

POINTS® value 11*


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