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Hungry Girl Today: 11.26.07

Diet Scams... Alive & Well

So, what do you think the biggest scams of 2005 were? Pyramid schemes?

Lottery scams? Internet hoaxes? NOPE! According to a recent study by the

Federal Trade Commission, in 2005 more people were victims of fraudulent

weight-loss products than of any other major type of fraud. Another study

just published in the British Medical Journal evaluated the long-term results

of three "weight-loss" medications, and it found that those pills did NOT live

up to the hype. On average, participants lost less than 5% of their body

weight, and a whopping 30 - 40% of them dropped out before completing the

trial. One of the meds tested was orlistat, which is sold over the counter as

the ever-popular Alli. Bottom line? A balanced diet you can actually stick to +

exercise = the best way to get rid of extra pounds and keep them off.

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Shop for a Cause!

In their 18 years of service, Project Angel Food has prepared and delivered

over 5 million meals to seriously ill, homebound folks in the Los Angeles area

(there's even an HG van that delivers meals for them!). And since there's no

charge for these services, PAF raises money by having lots of cool, LA-based

events throughout the year. Their next one is the highly anticipated Divine

Design -- a star-studded shopping fundraiser that'll take place in Los Angeles

from November 29th - December 3rd. If you live in the LA area (or will be

here this weekend), here's your chance to purchase designer clothing, toys,

cosmetics, accessories, and spa products (all at 50 - 90% off retail prices)

while helping to raise lots of money for a GREAT cause. Wanna win FREE

Divine Design shopping passes? Drop us a note. We're giving a bunch

(twenty!) away at random. And if you'd like to learn more about Project

Angel Food or make a donation, click here.

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Guilt-Free Gift Ideas...

Looking for delicious and healthy holiday treats to send to pals this season?

Check these out...

Just Tomatoes Holiday Gifts - We LOVE Just Tomatoes' dried fruits and other

goodies. And we REALLY love these fancy schmancy gift baskets, boxes and

more. They're super-cute and full of totally good-for-you stuff.

Edible Arrangements Baskets - Edible Arrangements is taking over the world

(they're EVERYWHERE!). Their fresh fruit "flower" arrangements are

AMAZING and gorgeous. Go for straight-up fruit, or add a few chocolate-

dipped ones if you're feeling sassy.

Nancy's Healthy Kitchen Cookies - Hey, cookie monsters! Check out these

adorable little red brick cottage boxes filled with the yummiest, crunchiest,

low-cal cookies EVER. Each delicious bite-sized cookie has fewer than 30

calories and less than 1g of fat (POINTS® value 1*). Click for the cookie

gifting 411.

Vitalicious Baskets - Muffin fans will dig the selection of groovy gift packages

these guys have available. There's a completely sugar-free gift pack, an all-

chocolate basket, and even a Hungry Girl VitaTop one that comes with free

HG tattoos. Weeee!

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Buzzworthy HG Stuff...

HG + WW = BESTNEWSEVER! - The most exciting news bit of all is the official

announcement of the brand-new (and super-cool!) weekly Hungry Girl

column on It launches on 12/3 (1 week from today!)

and will be called "Hungry Girl Goes...". Each week, HG will be somewhere

new (from theme parks to holiday parties) offering up tips, tricks & finds in

the form of mini survival guides. Where will HG go? Everywhere! And the

best part is, subscribers will be able to weigh in on

where they want HG to visit next. Yay!

The HG Store! - Well, it's finally (almost!) here. This week, we will unveil the

official online holiday shopping spot for HG fans. Wanna pick up an HG

hoodie, tee, hat, or limited edition 3-in-1 tote set? They'll all be there. But

supplies are limited, so keep an eye out for our special "Side Dish: HG Store"

email, coming later this week.

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Today, November 26th, is National Cake Day. Why not celebrate with a

Hostess 100 Calorie Pack? There are THREE mini cupcakes in that thing!


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