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Liven up a holiday favorite



Hungry Girl Today: 12.13.07


Check out our list of the greatest holiday finds around... and let the chewing
(and sipping) begin!

1. Starbucks Tall Nonfat Gingerbread Latte with Sugar-Free Syrup
PER SERVING (12 ounces w/o whipped cream): 90 calories, 0g fat, 125mg
sodium, 14g carbs, 0g fiber, 12g sugars, 9g protein -- POINTS® value 2*

The java masters over at Starbucks have done a pretty impressive job with
this latte. It tastes like an actual gingerbread man jumped into a cup of
coffee, took a 17-hour bath, and then took off (okay, that sounds slightly
gross, but you get the idea). This cinnamony cookie-inspired flavor is a
welcome addition in a world of peppermint and egg nog (the standard
seasonal flavors). Remember to order it with fat-free milk and sugar-free
syrup (and no whipped cream), and your cup'll have just 90 fat-free

2. Miss Meringue Meringues: Peppermint Crush
PER SERVING (about 9 cookies): 110 calories, 0g fat, 20mg sodium, 25g
carbs, 0g fiber, 25g sugars, 1g protein -- POINTS® value 2*

They're baaa-aack! Our favorite melt-in-your-mouth, red-speckled, seasonal
crunchers have resurfaced just in time for the holidays. Each beauteous mini
meringue (they look like little snow-covered mountain peaks!) has just about
12 fat-free calories. And most importantly, the peppermint taste is far from
that toothpaste flavor you might be imagining -- it's really more like a
decadent white chocolate taste with the perfect amount of candy-cane-ish
pepp thrown in. BTW, Miss M. also makes awesome Mint Chocolate Chip
Minis with real itty-bitty chocolate chips in each one (1 serving of about 12
cookies = 120 calories, 1.5g fat -- POINTS® value 2*). Click here to find
stores near you that sell Miss Meringue's stuff.

3. Pillsbury Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls with Icing!
PER SERVING (1 roll): 140 calories, 3.5g fat, 340mg sodium, 24g carbs, <1g
fiber, 10g sugars, 2g protein -- POINTS® value 3*

We CANNOT get over the fact that we can chew a warm, icing-glazed, sweet
cinnamon roll for just 140 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. Trust us -- you can't
tell the difference between these and the originals (unless you happen to
have a degree in pastry tasting with a concentration in cinnamon rolls).
Find 'em in the fridge section of the supermarket.

4. Dreyer's/Edy's Limited Edition Slow Churned Light Ice Cream: Peppermint
and Egg Nog
PER SERVING (1/2 cup): 110 calories, 3 - 3.5g fat, 40mg sodium, 17 - 18g
carbs, 0g fiber, 13g sugars, 2 - 3g protein -- POINTS® value 2*

Even if you despise peppermint and loathe egg nog, chances are you'll still
fall madly in love with these holiday-flavored light ice creams. The
peppermint one tastes like candy canes 'n cream, and the egg nog flavor is
like a sweetly spiced vat of velvety vanilla goodness. Heads up: Make sure to
get the ones marked Slow Churned for the impressive nutritional stats (they
also make similar-looking ones that aren't as low in calories and fat). Snatch
these up FAST (and stock up!), 'cuz they'll vanish from freezer aisles right
after the holidays (sad times!).

5. Alpine Sugar-Free Spiced Cider Mix
PER SERVING (1 pouch, 6 - 8 oz. prepared): 15 calories, 0g fat, 30mg
sodium, 4g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 0g protein -- POINTS® value 0*

This oldie-but-goodie is an all-star in our minds (and in our mugs!). It has an
insanely low 15 calories per pouch, and you can do so much with it. Use it in
recipes like HG’s Hot Cran-Apple Cider and our Caramel Apple Cinnamon
Surprise. You can even whip up a batch of our Bestest Baked Apples,
swapping the soda for 12 ounces of this super cider (prepared). Or you can
sip it straight -- it's great both hot and cold! Score some at the supermarket
(it usually hangs out next to the coffee, tea and hot cocoa), or order it

6. Peppermint Tootsie Roll Pops
PER SERVING (1 pop): 60 calories, 0g fat, 0mg sodium, 15g carbs, 0g fiber,
10g sugars, 0g protein -- POINTS® value 1*

These loveable lollies are basically candy canes giving giant bear hugs to
chewy Tootsie Roll nuggets (cute!). These 60-calorie pops are the perfect
way to fight a chocolate mint craving, 'cuz they last a looooong time. And
since we prefer the chocolate to the mint, we're glad the last thing you
chomp on is the chewy chocolatey center. Find these suckers at
supermarkets and other candy spots, or avoid the crowds and order online.

7. Marshmallow Peeps: Snowmen, Trees, Peppermint Stars, and Holiday
Cookie Flavored Cutouts
PER SERVING (3 Snowmen, Trees, or Stars): 110 - 130 calories, 0g fat,
15mg sodium, 26 - 33g carbs, 0g fiber, 26 - 29g sugars, 1g protein --
POINTS® value 2 - 3*

PER SERVING (2 Cutouts): 100 calories, 0g fat, 10mg sodium, 25g carbs, 0g
fiber, 23g sugars, 0g protein -- POINTS® value 2*

Marshmallows make us smile no matter what shape or size they are. But
cute ones in holiday shapes are the best! FYI, the Peppermint Stars are
brand-new this year, and they're the first Peeps in history to be peppermint-
flavored. And those cookie-flavored ones are shaped like totally adorable
gingerbread men (but taste like yummy sugar cookies). Woohoo!

8. Vitasoy Soy Drinks: Peppermint Chocolate and Holly Nog
PER SERVING (8 oz.): 120 - 140 calories, 2 - 4g fat, 100 - 120mg sodium,
22 - 24g carbs, 0 - 1g fiber, 20 - 22g sugars, 4g protein -- POINTS® value 2 -

Rounding out the list are Vitasoy's holiday beverages, which are amazingly
delicious (and dairy-free!). Rather than down a full cup in one sitting, we love
to stir a few ounces into coffee drinks and shakes. The Peppermint Chocolate
tastes like someone swirled a candy cane in a container of chocolate milk for
a reeaaaally long time. The Holly Nog is sweet and noggy, and it's got some
of the best stats of all the nogs on the shelves. Look for these in the non-
refrigerated section of the grocery store with the boxed soymilks (click here
to find stores near you that sell Vitasoy stuff), or snag some online by
clicking here or here.

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Tomorrow, December 14th, is National Bouillabaisse Day. It's easy to make
a guilt-free pot of this traditional fish stew -- just use herbs, spices and a
light broth, and include a delicious array of shellfish (like clams, crab, shrimp
and scallops). Mmmmmm!

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