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Liven up a holiday favorite



Hungry Girl Today: 12.20.07


The holidays are right around the corner -- the malls are frightening and it's
too late for online ordering. No worries! HG's got the perfect "recipes" for
some amazing last-minute guilt-free gifts...

Crazy-Cool Coffee Combo

All it takes is a trip to your local supermarket and a quick stop at Starbucks
to put this one together...

2 bags flavored coffee
2 cute coffee mugs
1 box Splenda Flavors for Coffee
1 container Coffee-mate powdered creamer (any fat-free or sugar-free
2 mini clothespins
1 Starbucks gift card
1 gift bag

Print out HG's Starbucks Survival Guide and your favorite HG coffee recipe
(maybe the Joe Cool Ice Cream Freeze! or the Black & White Java Pops).
Then roll each page up and secure with a mini clothespin (those clothespins
will come in handy for keeping the coffee fresh once the bags have been
opened!). Pop those papers into the mugs (slip the gift card into one as well),
and load it all up in a cute gift bag. Ta-da!


If your pals have little ones at home, you could throw in a coupon for "1 free
babysitting session". It might just be the best gift they get this year...

1 box 94% fat-free mini bags or 100-calorie bags microwave popcorn
1 bag small lollipops (we love Tootsie Pops Miniatures)
1 box fruity sugar-free drink mix packets (like Crystal Light On The Go)
1 gift certificate for 2 movie tickets
1 cute tote bag

Print out HG's Blockbuster Movie Treats & Terrors! Fold it up in an envelope
with the gift certificate, and put everything in the tote bag. Now when they go
to the movies, they'll have guilt-free goodies AND something to carry them

Blend for Yourself

Such a fantastic gift, you may want to keep it...

1 bag flexy straws
2 tall colored glasses
1 bottle sugar-free syrup, like the ones by Torani (you can often find at least
one flavor near the coffees in the supermarket -- if not, click here to find a
local store that sells Torani)
1 box no-calorie sweetener packets (Splenda is the best!)
1 container Coffee-mate powdered creamer (any sugar-free or fat-free
1 reusable grocery tote bag (like the pretty ones you find at Trader Joe's)

Print out your favorite smoothie and blended beverage recipes (here's a list
of some of our favorites!). Roll them up and pop 'em into the glasses.
Carefully place it all in the bag. They can take that bag to the store to stock
up on perishable smoothie must-haves (like Fat Free Reddi-wip, light vanilla
soymilk, and frozen fruit). Fabulosity!

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Need a little help choosing guilt-free holiday foods this season? Check out
HG's list!


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