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Hungry Girl Today: 3.19.08



I love to snack. But some snacks just don't leave me feeling full enough.
What are your TOP ATE filling snacks to eat?

Still-Hungry Snackster

Dear Snackster,

I LOVE to snack as well. I'm glad you asked about which snacks are filling,
because even I sometimes get sucked into eating snacks that taste good but
aren't really great at filling me up. To me, eating a low-cal ice cream treat or
a portion-controlled bag of chips is fun and somewhat satisfying -- but those
things sometimes make me hungrier. Don't get me wrong -- I DO eat them,
but they are definitely NOT what I would call "filling". As for my TOP ATE
filling snack picks -- here they are! Drum roll, please...

1. A large Fuji apple - Apples really fill me up, and Fujis are my favorite. A
large one typically has 80 - 130 calories, <0.5g fat, and around 4 - 6g fiber
(POINTS® value 1 - 2*).

2. Turkey and pickles - I like to roll up little pickles in lean turkey slices. I
usually eat about 3 ounces of turkey and 3 smallish pickles. That snack has
100 calories or so, about a gram and a half of fat, and around 1g fiber

3. 1/2 cup Fiber One bran cereal (original) with 1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla
Almond Breeze - Yum... and it has only 80 calories, 2.5g fat, and a whopping
14.5 grams of fiber (POINTS® value 1*).

4. Smoked salmon on high-fiber crackers - A couple of ounces of smoked
salmon on two Wasa crackers (any of the ones with 35 calories or less and at
least 2g fiber per piece) is incredible. Even if you add a smear of fat-free
cream cheese and some chopped red onion to it, you can still keep it down to
around 150 calories, 2.5g fat, and 4g fiber (POINTS® value 2*).

5. Any chocolate-flavored VitaTop - VitaTops are portable, delicious and
FILLING. And a chocolate muffin treat that actually satisfies your appetite as
well as your sweet tooth is a serious find. These have lots of fiber (5 - 6
grams each) and only 1.5g fat each, and most have just 100 calories (the
sugar-free ones have only 80). Each chocolate Top has a POINTS® value of
1*. I like the HG-developed flavors the best -- especially the newest flavor...
Triple Chocolate Chunk. YUM!

6. Celery sticks and baby carrots with Vivi's Original Sauce Classic Carnival
Mustard - Some say these cut-up veggies are dull -- but slather 'em in some
of Vivi's sauce, and they'll ROCK YOUR SOCKS! The spicy kick will help you
feel full, too. You can eat a TON of the veggies (10 baby carrots and 20
celery sticks) with 3 tbsp. of Vivi's for about 90 calories, virtually no fat, and
3g fiber (POINTS® value 1*). Wow!

7. A Ruby Red grapefruit - Just peel and eat. Grapefruits are filling 'cuz
they're HUGE. And a large one typically has about 100 calories, <0.5g fat,
and at least 3.5g fiber (POINTS® value 1*).

8. A bag of House Foods Tofu Shirataki noodles with a wedge of The
Laughing Cow Cheese in Light Original Swiss - Rinse and dry the noodles
VERY well, and then slice 'em up a bit. Melt the cheese by nuking it with the
noodles -- then stir well, and add a little salt and pepper if you like. Your
cheesy noodle treat will be very filling and have just 75 calories, 3g fat, and
4g fiber (POINTS® value 1*). Fantastic!

Hey Hungry Girl!

I was wondering how I would factor in fiber powders when determining a
food's Weight Watchers POINTS® value. Do those powders affect it at all?


Dear Fiber-Challenged,

There's no secret here... if you use fiber powder in recipes or mix it into
foods, you just need to add the nutritional info of the powder to the
nutritionals of the food you're adding it to -- then calculate the POINTS®
value. For those of you who don't know, a higher fiber count can often lower
a food's POINTS® value. But don't think you can go dumping fiber powder
into everything and lower the POINTS® value of all that you eat, because
that's not realistic. The powder itself also contains calories -- so not only are
you adding fiber, you're adding calories, too. Many of the powders have
around 15 - 25 calories and 3 - 6g fiber per serving. Usually, adding the fiber
and calories from the powder just keeps the POINTS® value the same -- but
there are times when adding some fiber powder can actually lower a recipe
by a POINTS® value of 1 or so. However, most WW professionals I know
frown upon that, and I've heard that many others encourage against it. Fiber
is good for you, so increasing the fiber in your meals and recipes is a great
idea. But in general, nutrition experts say you're probably better off getting
fiber from natural foods. Looking for some high-fiber foods? Check out some
of my favorite fiber-ific finds and recipes.

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Today, March 19th, is National Poultry Day. Celebrate by chewing some of
our Fiber-Fried Chicken Strips. Mmmmmmmm!

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