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Hungry Girl Today: 3.31.08

The Hungry Girl Cookbook -- Pre-Order It NOW, and Tour Dates Coming

There are no words to describe how over-the-moon-excited we are to
announce the OFFICIAL HG Book Pre-Sale and upcoming tour, so we're just
AHHHHHH!!!! Whew, that's much better. Now, here are the just-as-exciting
details. Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in
the Real World is PACKED with 165 recipes (about half of which are NEW and
TONS more which are HG classics!), and it also has a whole chapter with TEN
survival guides (for everything from Italian restaurants to cocktail parties).
The book has 326 pages (it's THICK!) and is gorgeous (with 8 pages of
beauteous full-color photos plus lots of super-cute illustrations!). It's
crammed with fun facts, shockers, food comparisons, and more. WE LOVE IT
SO MUCH, IT SCARES US!!!! It'll hit store shelves on 4/29, but you can PRE-
ORDER your copy NOW (and some copies for your friends!) by clicking here.
We're also teaming up with Yoplait Light and giving away thousands of prizes
(buy two books and get a FREE goodie pack including crazy-cool limited
edition HG and Yoplait Light stuff -- click here for details!). And HG is going
on a whirlwind 10-city book tour (which may be coming to your town --
official dates will be announced next week!). Click here for ALL the HG book
info you need, including the details on the goodie giveaway. Hope to see you
all SOON...

Spotted on Shelves...

Nissin Choice Ramen, Savory Herb Chicken and Slow Stewed Beef - If you
secretly covet just-add-water ramen noodles but don't love the nutritional
price you need to pay for them, you should check these out. A serving of
each noodley creation has 140 calories, 1g fat, and 2g fiber (POINTS® value
2*). Compared to the company's regular ramen, that's 50 fewer calories and
6g less fat per serving, not to mention 25% less sodium. It also comes in
Shrimp Supreme, but that one's harder to find.

Egg Beaters With Yolk - Good news for egg-lovers! Egg Beaters now makes a
line of their liquid egg substitute with just a touch of yolk. There's the original
flavor, Southwestern, Cheese & Chive, and Garden Vegetable. A 1/4-cup
serving (the equivalent of 1 egg) of each has 40 calories and 1.5 - 2g fat
(POINTS® value 1*). Not bad! The only bummer is that it appears the yolk-
infused flavored varieties are replacing the lower-calorie fat-free flavored
ones. But they'll still have the 30-calories-per-serving fat-free original kind

Lucky Pot Stickers with Sweet & Sour Sauce - If YOU'RE lucky, you'll find
these guilt-free Asian dumplings at your local supermarket. Look for them in
the freezer aisle (usually with the vegetarian foods). You can have three of
these stickers with a tbsp. of the sauce for 90 calories, 1g fat, and 1g fiber
(POINTS® value 2*). They're INCREDIBLE! FYI, there's also a version that
comes with Traditional Sauce, if you like to keep it classic.
Noodle THIS!

Get Fit, Eat Bars, and Get a Free Pedometer!

Free Pedometer from Dr. Melina! - Buy two 15-bar packs of Dr. Melina's
super-delicious Protein Bars on Amazon (they're not called super-delicious,
but we added that because they ARE super-delicious), and you'll get a FREE
Omron HJ-151 Aerobic Hip Pedometer (it counts steps, calories, and distance,
and has an approximate value of $19.99). Just email your receipt (by
4/6/08) to BTW, each protein-packed bar has 180
calories, 5 - 6g fat, and 5g fiber (POINTS® value 3*). Go, Melina!

Meet FitDeck - If you dread exercising, this handy little deck of cards (that
comes in a cute holder!) might be just what you need. It features 50 basic
body movements (in three levels) that require NO equipment or machines of
any kind. For a few extra bucks, you can even get a DVD that shows you all
the exercises in action. VERY cool!

Weeee... Wii Fit! - This won't be out until May, but if you have a Nintendo Wii,
you can start getting excited now. Complete with a wobbly Wii Balance Board
that you stand on, Wii Fit allows you to participate in activities like skiing,
hula hooping, yoga, push-ups and other strength training exercises, balance
games and more (some serious calorie-burners)! AND, you can check your
BMI and even track your progress. Amazing!!!

The Buzz...

If you're one of those people who simply has NOT been able to get over the
phasing out of the McDonald's Southwest Salad (even with our official HG
recipe swap), you'll be THRILLED to know that this limited edition, seasonal
salad is BACK, BACK, BACK! Find the super salad (which is packed with corn,
black beans, tortilla strips and more) at McD's NOW thru the summer. Yay!
***Yes, shelves are overflowing with 100-calorie packs of EVERYTHING
(including our latest sightings, Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids!). But did
you know that there are now portion-controlled snack packs for your pooch?
We spied 50-calorie pouches from Pup-Peroni. They look so much like human
versions of snack packs, you need to be careful not to eat 'em. The thing is,
who knows how many calories regular dog treats have anyway?!
***Hmmmmm... Can tight jeans make your abs flat? The authors of Flat
Belly Diet! think so. They say that "mind tricks" like holding on to your too-
tight jeans and keeping them in full view during meals may be one of the
keys to shedding pounds. We say schlepping your snug "goal pants" to a
restaurant on a date would just be weird (and possibly off-putting, no?). So
only do this in the privacy of your own home, people (not that you needed us
to tell you that). That's all we've got. HG out!

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Today, March 31st, is Oranges & Lemons Day. Celebrate by chewing oranges
and downing some Crystal Light Lemonade... Weeeeeeee!

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