PER SERVING (1/10th of recipe, about 1/2 cup): 199 calories, 3.5g fat (0.5g sat fat), 355mg sodium, 40g carbs, 4g fiber, 17g sugars, 3g protein -- SmartPoints® value 6*

Freestyle™ SmartPoints® value 6*

This fruity dessert is so easy, it practically makes itself! Feel free to experiment with whatever berries you find in the freezer aisle. Berry nice...


30 oz. frozen unsweetened strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries (about 7 cups)
1/2 cup Bisquick Heart Smart baking mix
1/4 cup granulated white sugar

2 cups Bisquick Heart Smart baking mix
1/4 cup granulated white sugar, divided
1/2 cup light vanilla soymilk
3 tbsp. light whipped butter or light buttery spread (like Brummel & Brown)
2 tsp. cinnamon

Spray the inside of a slow cooker with nonstick spray. Place all filling ingredients into the slow cooker and mix well.

To make the topping, in a large bowl, combine baking mix, 2 tbsp. sugar, and soymilk. Set aside.

Place butter in a small microwave-safe bowl and microwave until just melted, about 15 seconds. Add melted butter to the large bowl and mix thoroughly with a sturdy spoon, until mixture is doughy and smooth. (It will be sticky!)

Using your hands and/or a spoon, place doughy topping over the contents of the slow cooker in 10 evenly sized dollops.

In a small bowl, combine the remaining 2 tbsp. sugar with the cinnamon. Mix well and sprinkle evenly over the doughy topping.

Cover and cook on high for 3 - 4 hours, until the fruit is hot and bubbly and the topping has puffed up.

Turn off slow cooker and remove the lid. Allow to cool for about 15 minutes, until thickened to your preference.

Serve and enjoy!


HG Alternative! Wanna cut calorie and sugar counts? Use an equal amount of Splenda No Calorie Sweetener (granulated) in place of the sugar. Then each serving will have 165 calories, 31g carbs, 8g sugars, and a Freestyle™ SmartPoints® value of 4*.

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