Soymilk Swappin' & Lavash 411!

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Hey, Hungry Girl!

I've noticed that a lot of your recipes call for light vanilla soymilk. I am allergic to soy! Any alternatives? Thanks!

Soy-Free Donna

Hi Donna,

Yes, we do use light vanilla soymilk in many HG recipes. Why? Because it's sweet and creamy, and it has fewer calories than regular milk (even the fat-free kind) -- a cup of light vanilla soymilk has about 70 calories and 2g fat. But for those with soy allergies, there are definitely some swaps. Here they are now...

Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze - We used to call for this stuff exclusively, since it's super-low in calories (40 per cup!) and extremely delicious. We switched to soymilk because it's more mainstream and easier to find, but the two are basically interchangeable. Depending on your taste buds, you might want to add a no-calorie sweetener packet to this, since most vanilla soymilk is sweetened and this isn't. Click for more info on UVAB! There are some other good almond milks out there too; just be sure to check the calorie counts.

So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk Beverage - This stuff is a little higher in fat than light vanilla soy, but it's creamy and amazing and actually lower in calories (50 per cup). It is unsweetened and has just a slight coconut flavor, so feel free to zazzle it up with a drop or two of vanilla extract and some calorie-free sweetener. Click here for more info.

Fat-Free Dairy Milk - I have to be honest: This isn't my favorite swap, and it has about 20 extra calories per cup, but it'll work in a pinch. Start with the milk itself and add a small amount of vanilla extract and one or more calorie-free sweetener packets. It'll save you some fat, but it isn't as creamy as the others.

And now you know! P.S. For those who do go for soymilk, my favorite kinds are made by Silk and 8th Continent. 

Hi HG,

I need to know more about LAVASH. I saw you make chips from it on your TV show, and I am dying to get my hands on it. Is there a specific brand you like? Where do I find it? SPILL!

Lookin' for Lavash

Hi Lookin',

I've gotten so many emails ever since that episode of Hungry Girl aired! Here's the deal... Lavash is a soft, thin Middle Eastern flatbread -- it's kind of like a rectangular tortilla, but it's larger and a little thinner. If you don't see lavash in the bread aisle of the supermarket, look for it near the bakery or in the ethnic foods aisle. Any brand is fine, just check the stats -- a large one should have about 100 calories, and the super-large ones should have around 200 calories. Here's an important tip, though: Since the sheets of lavash bread are larger than most bread products, the "serving size" may be for only HALF of one. So read the labels carefully. If you can't find lavash, look for tortilla-like products labeled FLATBREAD. Typically, those aren't quite as large, but they'll work perfectly in recipes like the Crispy Lavash Squares from the show. I'm crazy about Kim's Light Flat Bread. You can only get it online, but it's totally worth ordering (and pretty reasonable in price!). A great market find is Flatout Light Flatbread -- LOVE those things. Only 90 calories each, loaded with fiber, and they come in a LOT of flavors. Thanks for emailing -- now go make Crispy Lavash Squares (with my two-ingredient dip)! And for info on all the products and recipes seen on the show, check out all the episode pages on the HG show site.

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Today, February 9th, is National Bagels and Lox Day. Make sure to use a light bagel find (or scoop out the insides) and fat-free cream cheese (or Laughing Cow Light)!

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