Single-Serving Pop-Tart Swaps & Where to See HG Episodes!

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Hi Hungry Girl,

I LOVE Pop-Tarts, but the nutritionals are a little scary. How can they pack 400 calories into two little pastries? And there's no way to stop at just one, as the serving size on the package suggests. Do you know of any guilt-free swaps?

Pop Crazy

P.S. Your recipes are amazing!

Hi Pop Crazy,

Glad you're enjoying the recipes! As for your pastry predicament, I totally understand your love-hate relationship with Pop-Tarts. In my opinion, any time TWO items are wrapped up in ONE pack, that pack should be considered a single serving! Besides, even one basic Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tart has 200 calories and 5g fat (PointsPlus® value 6*). But flat pastries are delicious, and I happen to be loaded with swaps. The Pop-Tarts people came out with 100-calorie pouches of Pop-Tarts Mini Crisps (PointsPlus® value 3*). Sooo cute... and they taste great, too. Want more portion-controlled options? Both Newtons and Special K make really delicious items called Fruit Crisps. These flaky, fruit-filled treats aren't as huge as Pop-Tarts, but each TWO-CRISP pack has just 100 calories and 1.5 - 2g fat (PointsPlus® value 3*). A-MAZING! If you've gotta have something large and in charge, check out Amy's Organic Toaster Pops in Apple and Strawberry. Each one has 160 calories, 3.5g fat, and 2g fiber (PointsPlus® value 4*). Not bad. They do come four to a box, but at least they're frozen, so you can toast one up and leave the rest in the freezer.

Dear HG,

I love your TV show and try to catch every episode! I did miss a couple and have been trying to find them. Will the original Hungry Girl episodes be re-airing at any time? Thanks!

Super-Fan Cindy

Hi Cindy,

I'm so glad you're enjoying the show! I'm currently working on the second season, and I cannot wait to bring more guilt-free fun to your television. To answer your question, you'll be happy to learn that the show is airing A WHOLE LOT on Cooking Channel. Click here to check out our (recently updated) TV show schedule, which currently goes all the way through the end of June. And for those of you who don't get Cooking Channel (I know there are a ton of subscribers facing this dilemma), I'm thrilled to say that the show is coming to FOOD NETWORK for a limited time only! From May 8th until the end of May, tune in to Food Network on Sundays to see full episodes of Hungry Girl at 10am/9c. Even if you DO get Cooking Channel, tune in for the sneak peek episodes on Food Network to show your support! Now you have all the info you need to catch up on any episodes you might have missed. And although the full episodes aren't available for online viewing, you can watch clips of the show on Cooking Channel's website. And BTW, Season 2 is scheduled to premiere August 6th! WOOHOO!

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