Recipe Tips for Pillsbury Recipe Creations Dough and Reduced-Fat Crescents Dough

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Hi Hungry Girl,

I'm excited to try your new bacon cinnamon roll recipe, but I can't find the Pillsbury Recipe Creations dough anywhere. I know you said Pillsbury's reduced-fat crescent roll dough could be used instead, but wouldn't that change the nutritional stats?

Puzzled by Pillsbury

HG's Pillsbury Dough Tips

Hi Puzzled,

Okay, just thinking about those Bacon Swirl Cinnamon Rolls has me craving one! I love Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough Sheets because they are soooo versatile. (Click for proof.) But they have become harder to find in the past couple of years. And to address your Q, even though the nutritional stats listed on the reduced-fat crescent roll dough seem very different, they're actually not. Here's all the need-to-know info.

The where-to-find 411 for the Recipe Creations dough... First of all, both Pillsbury products come in cylindrical tubes and are stocked in the refrigerator section of the supermarket with other perishable dough products (like cookie dough and pizza dough). When our go-to stores stopped carrying the Recipe Creations dough, we found a great store locator on the website of Pillsbury's parent company, General Mills. Type in your info, and it'll tell you if the product is sold anywhere nearby. And here's a shortcut -- copy and paste this UPC code into the "Select by Text Search" field for immediate results: 018000007578187570. If it's not sold near you, go for the more readily available reduced-fat crescent roll dough.

That reduced-fat crescent dough has a new name and new packaging: Pillsbury Crescent 90 Calorie Reduced Fat dough. You might still see older packaging on shelves, but as long as it says "Reduced Fat" and has 90 calories per serving, it's the right stuff.

Wondering why I said the stats for those two products only seem significantly different? The Recipe Creations product technically contains six servings, each with 120 calories and 5g fat. The reduced-fat crescent roll dough has eight servings, each with 90 calories and 4g fat. This means an entire package of either dough has 720 calories and 30 - 32g fat. Because the dough sheets are the same size and cook up the same, they can be used interchangeably in HG recipes while barely affecting the stats. A little confusing, but convenient!

Here's how to make the swap in recipes... To make the reduced-fat crescent roll dough into a seamless dough sheet a la Recipe Creations, all you need to do is seal up the perforations. You want to firmly pinch up and smooth out each perforation to create an even texture and avoid teeny-tiny holes. If needed, roll it out a bit with a lightly floured rolling pin.

HG Alternative: Instead of sealing up those perforations, turn traditional swirl-style rolls into crescents! This won't work with the bacon cinnamon rolls, since you need to roll the entire strips of bacon in long pieces of dough. (But you could always fully cook and crumble the bacon, and then sprinkle it over the iced crescents!) Also try this crescent-shaped cinnamon-bun swap, plus this crescent-shaped swap for sweet orange rolls.

Hope you're no longer puzzled... Enjoy those bacon cinnamon rolls!


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