Get Back on Track with New Year's Resolutions

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Help me, HG!

I made a New Year's resolution to eat better this year, but I've already completely fallen off the wagon. How can I get back on track?

Unhappy Hannah

Hi Hannah,

Don't be sad! It's never too late to turn things around; you just need to know how to do it. Read on for my three-step solution...

Get Back on Track with New Year's Resolutions Step 1: Reevaluate Your Goal. Unreasonable resolutions can actually set us up for failure. They make it very easy to get discouraged and give up early on. For example, if you resolved to eat only all-natural foods in the New Year, but then you slipped at a dinner out with friends, you might be tempted to throw in the towel entirely. Instead, revise your resolution, and focus on eating fewer processed items and more natural food. Click here for more resolution renovations!

Step 2: Identify the Culprits. Getting back on track can be really overwhelming if you're not sure exactly where or why you went off track. Here are some common offenders, plus easy fixes...

* Too tired to cook a healthy meal at the end of the day, and find yourself turning to bad choices? Fill your fridge with make-ahead meals whipped up on the weekend, stock up on healthy frozen dinners and meal starters, and brush up on smart-eating survival strategies for things like Chinese food. Plus, click here for our best recipes in 15 minutes or less, and click here for more than 100 HG recipes ready in 30 minutes or less!

* Is snacking on the wrong stuff your biggest problem? Keep healthy snacks on hand when you're at work -- click for a huge list. Always carry smart emergency snacks, and try not to bring trigger foods into your home. Family members insist on stocking treats that don't work with your resolution? Stock your own swaps. So if you're tempted by their fatty potato chips, break out the Popchips!

* Not sure where you're going wrong? Little bites here and there could be adding up without your noticing. Effective immediately, write down everything you eat; calorie counts too. Once you get into a rhythm, it'll be like second nature. There are phone apps and food journals to help you, or you can do what I do: Just jot everything down on a piece of scrap paper, and keep it in your purse. Review your food log at the end of day, and you're likely to spot the sneaky culprits.

Step 3: Put Yourself Back on Track. As in NOW. It's sooooo easy to say you'll start again tomorrow... or next Monday... or after Valentine's Day... Next thing you know, that 2015 resolution becomes your 2016 resolution. You don't need a New Year to have a new start -- you can get back on the eat-better bandwagon this very minute. And if you have a slip tomorrow, oh well! Just get right back into your smart-eating habits. Perfectionism is so 2014...

Good luck, Hopefully-Happy-Now Hannah!

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Today, January 14th, is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day. Warm up some turkey pastrami, and slap it on a toasted 100-calorie flat sandwich bun with lettuce, tomato, and Dijonnaise. Yum!

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