Weight Watchers Values for Recipes in HG Cookbooks

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Hungry Girl,

I have several of your cookbooks -- I love them! Where can I find the PointsPlus® values for those recipes? They're not listed with the nutritional info, like they are in the daily emails. Point me in the right direction!

Amber in Atlanta

Hi Amber,

Hungry Girl Recipes Weight Watchers Values

Thanks for emailing! I love Weight Watchers, and I know lots of HG subscribers do too. Instead of printing the PointsPlus® values in the cookbooks, we've made them available online! This allowed us to update them when POINTS® became PointsPlus®. The values for ALL the recipes in the HG cookbooks can be found on our book site. We did all the work for you -- we crunched the numbers 'til our fingers cramped! Here's exactly how to get to them...

First, go to the book site homepage. Then use the Books drop-down menu (or scroll through the book covers at the bottom), and click on a cookbook. Once you do that, choose the chapter you want to browse through, or use the search bar to find a specific recipe. Every recipe in the book will be there, complete with name, photo, nutritional info, and PointsPlus® value.

To make it even easier for you, here are direct links for all seven cookbooks:

Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 Just Desserts: 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories

HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX! The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook

Hungry Girl 300 Under 300: 300 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Dishes Under 300 Calories

Hungry Girl Happy Hour: 75 Recipes for Amazingly Fantastic Guilt-Free Cocktails & Party Foods

Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet

Hungry Girl 200 Under 200: 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories

Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World

There you go! And while you’re on the book site, check out The Hungry Girl Diet, Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival: Aisle by Aisle, HG-Style!, the audiobook Hungry Girl: The Official Survival Guides: Tips & Tricks for Guilt-Free Eating, and the recipe cards Hungry Girl Chew the Right Thing: Supreme Makeovers for 50 Foods You Crave. You never know what we'll come out with next :)

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