Foil-Pack Recipes on the Grill

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Hi Hungry Girl,

Now that it's summertime, I want to put my grill to use. I love how easy your foil-pack recipes are... Can those be made on a grill?

Grillin' Gina

Hi Gina,

Hungry Girl Foil Packs on the Grill

Yup! You can totally grill up a foil pack -- you just have to make a couple of adjustments to the recipe...

Cook time: Grill your foil pack for about half of the given time, with the grill cover down. Who doesn't love a timesaver?

Temperature conversions: While some grills can be preheated to a specific temperature (with built-in features or fancy tools), most people rely on standard heat settings. So just follow these handy-dandy conversions...

If the recipe calls for a 375-degree oven, grill your foil pack over medium heat.

If the recipe calls for a 400-degree oven, grill your foil pack over medium-high heat.

If the recipe calls for a 425-degree oven, grill your foil pack over high heat.

More foil-grilling 411: Keep a baking sheet or large plate nearby, so that you can transfer the hot foil pack to it as soon as the pack is done cooking. Oven mitts are also helpful. And remember to use heavy-duty foil, leave room for steam to form above the food, and tightly seal the pack. Speaking of which, always cut the pack to release steam before opening it entirely. That steam is hot!

Looking for recipes? I've got a roundup of our best foil-pack creations right here! That Cha-Cha-Cherry BBQ Chicken Pack is perfect for summertime. Plus, there's an entire chapter in HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX! devoted to foil-pack recipes.

More grill-ables! Looking for more ways to put that grill to good use? Try my Hungry Grilled Veggie Tacos, get your skewer on with these kebab recipes, or make this crazy-good BBQ Veggie Pasta Salad. I love 'em all!

That oughta keep you and your grill busy for a while... Enjoy!

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