Diet-Friendly Recipes for Breakfast Breads (Muffins, Scones & More)

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Hey HG,

My family is obsessed with breakfast breads: muffins, scones, Danishes... You name it. Got any better-for-you recipes?

Bananas for Bread


Sweet, bready, b-fast items are tasty, but they're definitely calorie dense. Plus, they're typically oversized. That's no way to start off the day! But since no one should have to live in a world without these treats, I've got a bunch of recipes to send your way...

Hungry Girl's Breakfast Bread Recipes & Finds Muffins. There's something so appealing about being able to grab a muffin on your way out the door. The only hard part is deciding which of these recipes to try first! These Nutty Banana Muffins are our most recent creation, and they are insanely moist and delicious. We've also got recipes for classic blueberry muffins, traditional chocolate chip, fruity orange cranberry, and fluffy-good zucchini nut! Fan of corn muffins? Try these Corn MegaMuffins and these Cheery Cherry Corn Muffins. Mmmm...

Scones. I used to think these baked goodies were so fancy -- no way they'd be easy to whip up. But I was wrong! Over the years, we've mastered the art of the guilt-free scone (a good thing, considering the average scone has over 400 calories and around 20g fat). Try them crammed with blueberries and drizzled with icing, stuffed with cranberries and orange goodness, or studded with chocolate chips!

Danishes. Here are more fancy treats that are surprisingly easy to make. Starting with a tube of premade dough really simplifies things... Plus, who doesn't love smashing the tube against the counter to open it? Preheat the oven for a Crazy-Delicious Cheesy Cherry Danish, Chocolate-Chippy Cheese Danish, or Cinnamon Apple-Cranberry Danish. Yum!

Banana Bread and More. Of course we have a recipe for classic banana bread, and our more recent Choco-Banana Bread is out of this world! We've also got cranberry-speckled pumpkin bread that's not to be missed. (Make it with raisins if you're not a cran fan.) And for those of you who own HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX!, flip to page 454 for the Banana Split Bread!

Bonus! Ready-Made Finds. When it comes to muffins, I'm all about Vitalicious VitaTops. (If you don't know what these are, you must be new to HG! Click for the 411.) And here's a fun find: Thomas' Limited Edition Cinnamon Vanilla English Muffins, with only 150 calories and 1.5g fat each (PointsPlus® value 4*). Toast one up, and top it with Brummel & Brown and/or low-sugar preserves... Yes!

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Today, June 25th, is National Strawberry Parfait Day. Fun, fun, fun! We'll be making this Choco-Berry Crunch Yogurt Parfait...

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