HG How-To Recipe Videos: 2-Ingredient Brownies, Growing Oatmeal & More

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Hi Hungry Girl,

I love your new how-to videos! About those two-ingredient brownies... Do they taste like pumpkin? How much pumpkin do I use? Where can I find more of your videos?

Video Thrilled This Hungry Girl Fan


Hungry Girl's Videos: Recipe How-To's and More

I'm so glad you're loving the new "How To's with Hungry Girl" videos. We're having a blast making them! For that Yum Yum Brownie Muffins recipe, the pumpkin isn't for flavor (you can barely taste it) -- it just makes the brownies extra moist and eliminates the need for eggs and oil. You'll want to use a 15-oz. can. By the way, don't confuse canned pure pumpkin with pumpkin pie filling -- the filling has many, many more calories and lots of sugar. You can find the full recipe for the Yum Yum Brownie Muffins at In fact, all the how-to videos include the recipe URL at the end.

For a fun variation on that brownie recipe, try it with spice cake mix instead of devil's food cake mix -- so good! If you're looking for more chocolatey recipes with that two-ingredient base, check out the "Brownies & Fudge" chapter of Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 Just Desserts. The recipe for 158-calorie Snickers Madness Brownies is a personal favorite. You can also make cake pops with the combo of cake mix and pumpkin!

You can find all the HG videos on our recently redesigned Hungryvision mini site. We're just getting started with our how-to videos, but click on the "How To's with Hungry Girl" category to see 'em all. There you'll find our two-ingredient microwave egg mug recipe, plus our brand-new video: How to Make Growing Oatmeal! If you're not familiar with growing oatmeal -- or even if you are -- this video is a must-watch. Our special technique yields a super-sized bowl of oatmeal without a super-sized calorie count. Awesome! And check back often for more how-to videos. Coming soon: faux-fried onion rings, crispy carrot fries, and chocolate-chip-stuffed strawberries!

For more video fun, check out all the categories at Hungryvision. "Hungry Girl to the Rescue" has super-helpful stuff like our "Top Ate Food Fakers" video. And there are a couple of pretty funny throwback videos in "Ask Hungry Girl," featuring my old pal Jerry Trainor from iCarly. Watch this one, all about emergency snacks!

Now I have a question for YOU... What how-to videos do you want to see next? Email me with your requests! You just might see your idea pop up soon.

Happy chewing and viewing!

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