High-Protein Snacks Versus Fiber-Packed Snacks

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Dear Hungry Girl,

When it comes to snacks, which are better: protein-packed snacks or snacks that are high in fiber? I know they're both supposed to be filling. What's your take?

Snackin' Sarah

Hi Sarah,

Good question! There's no hard-and-fast answer to this one. It really depends on how your body responds to them. Personally, I find snacks with BOTH protein and fiber to be the most filling. To find out which snacks work best for you, try options in each category to see how long it takes you to get hungry again. You might even want to track your food findings to help you make better choices in the future. Food journaling is a good habit to get into, anyway. Need some specific ideas for high-protein snacks and high-fiber ones? Here you go...

Protein: Some of my favorites are turkey breast slices (look for lower-sodium ones -- Boar's Head makes GREAT no-salt-added turkey!), hard-boiled egg whites, tuna packed in water (StarKist single-serve pouches RULE), light string cheese, fat-free Greek yogurt, and Mini Babybel cheese. I also really enjoy jerky... all kinds! Simply Snackin is a great line -- completely natural and worth ordering online. Krave All-Natural Beef, Turkey, and Pork Jerky is also fantastic.

Fiber: I love raspberries (one of the most fiber-dense foods in the universe), jicama sticks, pomegranate arils (ready-to-eat POM POMs rock), artichokes (click for an easy recipe), and broccoli cole slaw (mixed with light dressing). Need something more snacky? Pop open a bag of Funky Monkey freeze-dried fruit, or make French fries out of veggies. I also love Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies and Bars. (The Lemon Bar and Cinnamon Coffee Cake are my favorites!) And an all-natural, 100-calorie VitaTop always does the trick for me. Click here for more high-fiber finds.

Combo! This is my TOP snack suggestion: Combine protein and fiber for a SUPER SNACK. Spread a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light cheese onto Fuji apple slices, mix some chopped chicken with that broccoli slaw and dressing, or make a big fruit 'n yogurt bowl with fat-free Greek yogurt and berries. And here are a few super-easy snack recipes to try: Creamy Cheesy Bacon 'Chini, It's a Snap! Sesame Chicken Snack, and Italian Potato Skins. Looking for a grab-n-go option? Quest Bars are insanely delicious and have over 15g fiber and around 20g protein each!

There you have it. Remember to try a bunch of different snacks to see what keeps YOU feeling full. You never know...

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Today, January 8th, is Bubble Bath Day. Sounds like a good day for a zero-calorie cinnamon bun fix!

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