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Hi HG,

I'm so excited that there's finally a Hungry Girl Diet! The book cover mentions a four-week jump-start plan and losing 10 pounds in a month. I have 50 pounds to lose. Is this still for me? What do I do after the jump-start? Would really love some more info on the plan itself!

Counting Days 'Til the Diet Book's Here

Hi Counting,

Inside the Hungry Girl Diet Book

I too am SO EXCITED about the diet book! (Order it now!) While it is centered around a four-week plan, the program is flexible and can be repeated until you reach your goal weight. (Several of our testers did this with great success!) So it's PERFECT for anyone -- male or female -- whether you have 10 or 100 pounds to lose. Here's more need-to-know info about the diet plan and the book itself...

The Food & Nutrition 411! The diet focuses on natural foods (fruits, vegetables, lean protein, fat-free and reduced-fat dairy, healthy fats), GIANT servings, and craving-busting meals & snacks. There are lots of HG favorites like growing oatmeal bowls, egg mugs, foil packs, and pasta swaps! Everything is ridiculously easy to prepare. And the plan has the seal of approval from a registered dietitian: David Grotto, MS, RDN, LDN. It was important to David and me that each meal has a healthy balance of fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. We also focused on keeping daily sodium counts in check.

More Reasons to LOVE the Plan... One of my favorite things about the plan is how flexible it is (you always have a variety of options), yet it's specific enough that there's NO guesswork. There's also a dining-out guide to help you make diet-friendly choices on the go. And because the plan is customizable, it works great with other flexible programs and diets: You can choose foods that help you stay at or below a specified daily target.

Continued Weight Loss and Maintenance! There's an entire section about this: Life After the Four-Week Plan! (Continued Weight Loss, Maintenance, and Survival Strategies). So if you want to try a modified version of the plan or just incorporate ideas from it, you'll have everything you need to know to continue losing weight and/or maintain your weight loss. The beauty of the plan is that it teaches you how to lose weight while eating healthy, large, and satisfying meals. So you'll be armed with tools for success at the end of the four weeks!

There you have it! For more about the diet -- including tour dates, testimonials, online savings, and info on our special app -- click right here. The tour kicks off next week in New York, and these events are NOT to be missed. WOOHOO!

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