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Hey HG,

I get your emails, and I love them. However, sometimes I want to look up a recipe on your site and can't find the one I'm looking for. Do you have any tips?

Barb in Brighton

Hi Barb,

Thanks for the love! We recently updated our search engine, so it should be easier than ever to find what you're after. It is still a work in progress, but now you'll get more relevant results for your searches. Here are some tips to make finding the recipe you're looking for even easier...

How to Search the Hungry Girl Website Day by Day. If you're looking for a swap -- you know, a recipe that was featured side by side with the "bad" version -- scroll through Tuesday's Chew The Right Thing emails. Most other recipes can be found in Thursday's Weekly Weigh-in section. Bonus: Each day has its own search bar, so you can search only Tuesdays or only Thursdays. Just enter search terms in the bar below the most recent recipe's photo.

The "Directions" Trick. Not sure if the recipe you're looking for fell on a Tuesday or Thursday? Use the main search bar (at the top right of the page) and add the word "directions" to your search. This will pretty much ensure only recipe results pop up. Click for an example.

Commas and Quotes. Separate words by commas if you don't think they'll necessarily appear next to one another in the email. Quotes are best for words that do go together, like "tuna salad." And only use the necessary words. You'll have the best luck if you keep your search simple.

If at First You Don't Succeed... Try again! You may need to simplify your search if you don't yield the results you're looking for. If you get too many results, you may need to be more specific.

Searching Ingredients. If you remember several ingredients but not the recipe name, try using those. This is also a great way to discover recipes that call for leftover ingredients you've got in the house.

The Google Trick. If all else fails, you can always use Google. Type "" into the Google search bar, followed by whatever you're looking for. That will limit the search to just the HG website while utilizing Google's awesome search function.

Enjoy looking around the site! You can really have a lot of fun searching around and discovering forgotten recipes... Like this one for a Super-Savory Calzone Danish!

Everyone could use these tips for finding awesome recipes in the HG arsenal, so click "Send to a Friend" now!


Did you know that April is National BLT Month? Search "BLT, directions" on the HG site and see what happens...

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