Inside Hungryland, the Hungry Girl Headquarters

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Hey HG,

I read somewhere that you guys moved into new headquarters. Can you give us the scoop on the new digs?!

Heather in Hingham

Hi Heather,

Inside Hungryland, the Hungry Girl Headquarters Yup, we outgrew our old HG HQ, and we're now located in a building designed just for us. YAYAYAYAY! Here are the TOP ATE things to know and love about our new space, officially named... HUNGRYLAND!

The Test Kitchen: Our deluxe setup is complete with every kitchen appliance and cooking utensil we could ever need to create the recipes featured in the daily emails and cookbooks! Each recipe is tested and perfected in this space... including the Mini Veggie Pot Pies and Apple Pie French Toast coming in tomorrow's email!

Huge Walk-Ins: There's a walk-in fridge, walk-in freezer, and walk-in pantry to house all the products we're sent, the ingredients we use, and the snacks we chew! (BTW, I'm not-so-secretly afraid of getting locked in the freezer.) To stock your kitchen with HG-approved guilt-free goods, check out our Official 2014 Supermarket List!

Patio: The outdoor patio has a great grill for all our BBQ-style recipe testing (like these seriously good skewers), plus a PURPLE picnic table for outside dining. So cute!

Photo Studio: Positioned to get the best natural lighting in the building, it's complete with shelves and shelves of beauteous plates, napkins, tablecloths, and more. All the recipe photos you see in your daily emails are photographed here!

Colorful Seating:
From the purple couches in the common area to the pastel chairs in the meeting room, we've got fancy seats for everyone...

Staff Kitchen: This is one of the brightest spaces in the building, with a utensil clock (similar to this one), a purple fridge, knives of every color, and more! Lunch breaks are like a trip to the carnival.

HG Character Art and the Welcome Sign: Cartoon Hungry Girl adorns the walls in every area! In the hallway, Super Hungry Girl whizzes by. In the editorial section, she sits at her desk typing away. And an adorable custom Hungryland sign greets all the visitors that come to the office.

Lolly the Hungry Dog:
That's right, we have a super-cute doggie mascot! We even threw her a birthday party at Hungryland, complete with a doggie cake. Everyone LOVES Lolly! (She isn't here every day, just on special occasions...)

Ready for Photos? We LOVE our new space and are so excited to be able to produce the best possible HG content here. CLICK HERE for a bunch of photos!!!

P.S. WANNA VISIT?! Our pals and partners at the United States Potato Board are giving away a trip to the HG HQ as the grand prize in their Guilt-Free Potato Goodness Recipe Contest on Facebook. Click for details, and enter! (Deadline 3/28/14.) Maybe we'll see you soon...

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