Lower-Sodium Recipes

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Dear Hungry Girl,

I'm trying to watch my salt intake. What are some of your best lower-sodium recipes?

Amber in Birmingham

Hi Amber,

Recipes without a lot of sodium are in high demand these days, and more and more HG recipes are containing less and less salt. I've rounded up some of my very best... packed with flavor, not sodium!

HG's Healthy Lower-Sodium Recipes Breakfasts: It's surprisingly easy to keep sodium levels low in your a.m. meals. Stick with oatmeal (like this Apple Growing Oatmeal, with 335mg sodium) or a fruit-n-yogurt bowl (like this 108mg Choco-Berry Crunch Yogurt Parfait or this 190mg PB&J Yogurt Parfait). You can even enjoy eggs in the morning -- this California Love Mug has a totally respectable 456mg sodium.

Chicken: Get this... My Honeybunch Mango Chicken has only 244mg sodium, and it's insanely delicious. This Big Green Stir-Fry (560mg) is a huge serving of awesome. And speaking of big portions, you can have TWO of these Chicken Fajita Kebabs for 414mg sodium. For a meal that cleans up after itself (hello, foil pack!), try this Lemony Spring Chicken Pack (509mg). And if you want a fancy-yet-easy stuffed dish, try this Apple & Onion Stuffed Chicken (446mg). 

Seafood: Low-carb tacos, anyone? These Shrimp & Avocado Lettuce Tacos have just 276mg sodium. Also low in carbs and sodium, my Parmed-Up Broiled Tilapia is crazy good (298mg). And this Sesame Salmon & Snap Peas is an HG favorite (460mg).

Beef: This swap for a fancy Applebee's burger (570mg sodium) is great with a side of steamed veggies or Baked Potato 'n Turnip Fries (122mg). And here's a slow-cooker pot roast with veggies cooked right in (447mg). Have two of these Mashie-Topped Meatloaf Cupcakes for 485mg sodium. And these beef-stuffed peppers (365mg) may be Halloween themed, but they're too good to leave out...

Vegetarian: For a fancy sandwich and side dish, go with this portabella melt (560mg sodium -- skip the dash of salt to save 155mg) and Caprese-Style Grilled Tomatoes (195mg). This Veggie Primavera Spaghetti Squash (477mg) is a great pasta swap, and the serving is huge! 

Side Dishes: Check these out: Asian Peanut Slaw (198mg sodium), Mini Stuffed Peppers (241mg), Miracle Mashies (168mg), Pom-Nom-Nom Kale Salad (117mg sodium), Tangy Tex-Mex Slaw (186mg), and Schmancy Veggie Skewers (185mg). All great and super versatile.

Desserts: Most of the dessert recipes in the Hungry Girl arsenal have smart sodium counts. A few highlights? Banana Split Bites (37mg sodium), Too-EZ Cannoli Cone (117mg sodium), and Apple Streusel Slab Pie (239mg sodium).

Need a hand navigating the diet and sodium world? The Hungry Girl Diet was developed with sodium limits in mind. You can easily mix and match your meals and snacks to hit your sodium target.

Need to cut sodium even more? Check out these tips on slashing sodium in any recipe. And here's a huge roundup of sodium-friendly supermarket products.


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