The Meaning Behind the Word "Diet"

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Hi Hungry Girl,

It seems like the word "diet" is getting a lot of negative attention these days. People say it's synonymous with calorie restriction and weight obsession. Should we be more focused on healthy eating than diets?

Dubious about Diets

The Meaning Behind the Word Diet

Hi Dubious,

I'm actually really glad you brought up the negative connotations of the word "diet," because I definitely have a lot to say on that subject...

First and foremost, the term "diet" refers to anything and everything you consume, regardless of your calorie focus or weight goals. Some people think it means restricted eating for weight loss, which it can, but that's not the primary meaning. Your diet is the sum total of everything you eat and drink. Being smart about your diet is the same thing as caring about healthy eating.

A healthy diet is all about lifestyle. It means you're making sensible choices about what you put into your body: the types of food, the amount of food, etc. And let's be honest: There are a lot of health risks associated with obesity (and with being underweight, for that matter). So being mindful of how your eating habits affect your weight is a good thing. But it certainly doesn't mean you need to be restrictive or obsessive. A key concept of the HG philosophy is the 80/20 rule: making smart choices the majority of the time and loosening up the reins the other 20 percent.

Paying attention to what you eat doesn't need to be intense or scary. That's another big part of the Hungry Girl philosophy -- it’s possible to eat well and enjoy your food at the same time; to be conscious of your diet without counting every calorie. And we're definitely anti-deprivation here at Hungryland. We're all about finding better-for-you ways to enjoy the foods you crave without sacrificing portion size.

So why a Hungry Girl diet? A lot of people want guidance when it comes to achieving or maintaining a healthy body weight. The Hungry Girl Diet provides that guidance while encapsulating HG's real-world philosophy. The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook was created to give those on the plan more options, but it's also perfect for people who just want to incorporate healthy and delicious meals and snacks into their daily diet. It's really that simple.

I hope I've shed some light on the subject and helped you to realize that the word "diet" isn't a four-letter word. (Well, technically it is, but you know what I mean!)

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