Hungry Girl Diet Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks

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Hi Hungry Girl,

My friend and I have been on the Hungry Girl Diet plan for a few months now, and we are stoked about the results! We love all the food options, but are there any other recipes we can add into the mix? I've still got 20 pounds to go, and she has 10.

Amy's Asking

Hi Amy (and Amy's Friend),

I'm so glad you two are enjoying The Hungry Girl Diet! And I love hearing from people who are experiencing success and repeating the four-week plan to keep that success going. With that in mind, here's a big roundup of recipes that were developed for the Hungry Girl Diet after the book went to print... Enjoy!

New Hungry Girl Diet Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks Breakfast Recipes

Raspberry White Chocolate Growing Oatmeal - HG-style oatmeal b-fasts (a.k.a. tremendous bowls of creamy oatmeal) are so satisfying... I love 'em! And this white-chocolate-studded berry bowl is especially fantastic.

Pear 'n Pistachio Growing Oatmeal - If you've never had pistachios in your oats, now's the time to try it. It's AWESOME!

PB&J French Toast - Confession time: This one isn't the prettiest, but it's really decadent and delicious! And unlike ordinary French toast, this dish is loaded with protein...

Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Southwest Chicken Girlfredo - This is actually one of my favorite HG takes on fettuccine Alfredo. Black beans, sweet corn, taco-seasoned sauce... Ahhhh!

Chicken 'n Cheesy Mashies - Comfort-food fans (like me!) will love this one. Customize it with your veggies of choice. Brussels sprouts and carrots are my picks!

Mexican Taco Soup - I'm a soup fanatic, and this one is extra amazing. It's packed with zesty beef, and the portion is huge: Nearly 3 cups!

Snack Recipes

Creamy Avocado Fettuccine - Pasta at snack time? YUP! Hot couple alert: The Laughing Cow Light cheese and mashed avocado make one heck of a sauce...

Giant Noodle Soup Bowl - Whip up this 4-serving snack on a weekend, and you'll have yummy soup for days!

Mexi-Tuna Lettuce Wraps - I'm not against eating tuna straight from the pouch as a snack, but this 5-minute recipe is well worth the (minimal) effort.

Cheesy Tuna Mushrooms - I'm actually tearing up a little bit as I write about this one. I love it so much! Seriously, it's delicious, so try it STAT.

Easy Caprese Melba Snack - Craving something crispy? You're just four ingredients away from some flavor-packed crunch!

Italian-Style Melba Toasts - Here's another crunchy 100-calorie snack. If you like a little heat, try it with The Laughing Cow Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack cheese instead of Swiss. Mmmmm...

Bonus: Grab 'n Go Snacks!

The Hungry Girl Diet is crammed with plan-friendly product finds, but here are a few more... At snack time, chomp on one of the following: a single-serving packet of Funley's All Natural Super Crackers, a So Delicious Coconut Milk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Organic Mini, a pack of Dole Strawberry Dippers, a pouch of Big Slice Pure Kettle Cooked Apples, or one of Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Pops.

There you have it! Keep in touch, and let me how it's going. (BTW, an entire BOOK filled with new HG Diet recipes is on the way... More on that soon!)

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