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What's Next, Newtons? Fruit Flats?
What's Next, Newtons? Fruit Flats?
Spotted on Shelves...

Newtons Fruit Thins Crispy Cookies - Don't confuse these with the company's also-amazing Fruit Crisps -- these Thins are totally different items, more like oatmeal cookies! Plus, they come in schmancy flavors -- Blueberry Brown Sugar, Fig and Honey, Cranberry Citrus Oat, and Raspberry Chocolate. A serving of 3 cookies has 140 calories, 5g fat, 90 - 100mg sodium, 21 - 22g carbs, 1 - 2g fiber, 7 - 8g sugars, and 2g protein (PointsPlus® value 4*). Newtons does it again!

Kashi Spicy Black Bean Enchilada - As big fans of Kashi AND enchiladas, we were pretty sure that this new entrée would be delicious. And we were right! It's stuffed with veggies and beans, topped with salsa, and sitting beside whole-grain pilaf. Each 9-oz. meal has 260 calories, 7g fat, 600mg sodium, 45g carbs, 8g fiber, 3g sugars, and 8g protein (PointsPlus® value 7*). HELLO, fiesta!

Chip'ins All Natural Popcorn Chips - Chips made from popcorn already sound great; chips made from popcorn that taste like hot wings? WOW! These new snack items come in a handful of fun flavors, like Sea Salt, White Cheddar, Jalapeño Ranch, and (as hinted at) Hot Buffalo Wing. A 1-oz. serving (about 18 - 20 chips) has 120 - 130 calories, 2.5 - 4g fat, 230 - 240mg sodium, 21 - 22g carbs, 1g fiber, 0 - 1g sugars, and 2g protein (PointsPlus® value 3*). We can't WAIT to try them! Click here to locate or here to buy online. 

HG Goes Cuckoo for Coconut!

Last year, we discovered the wonderful item known as So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk Beverage. And now, the stuff is evolving -- sugar-free versions have just hit shelves, but don't mistake these for unsweetened milks... They're sweetened with stevia! In Original and Vanilla, a 1-cup serving has only 45 - 50 calories and 4.5g fat (PointsPlus® value 1*). And they taste great. Score! More good news: The So Delicious peeps also have a line of frozen desserts that are low in calories AND high in fiber. (We're a little obsessed with the No Sugar Added Chocolate Coconut Milk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert at the HG HQ.) And another coconut-happy brand is trying something new -- ZICO has launched the first chocolate coconut water on the market. WHOA! We've gotta get our hands on a bottle of that stuff... Go, coconuts!

Nuts About These Products!
Nuts About These Products!
Wake Up and Smell the News!
Wake Up and Smell the News!
Coffee Talk: Hot Stuff in Java Land!

If you enjoy a cup of joe, this info should put a big, caffeinated smile on your face...

Caribou Coffee - The new Northern Lites line makes us WAY happy -- you can get mochas, lattes (both coffee and tea versions), and blended drinks with about 40 percent fewer calories than the originals. A small Northern Lite Latte has only 90 calories and 0.5g fat, and you can choose from four flavors of sugar-free syrup without altering the calorie count. Yum!

Dunkin' Donuts - We love those single-cup coffee brewers, so when we heard that DD is packing its famous coffee into K-Cups, we FLIPPED! Currently, the word is that the li'l cups will be sold exclusively at Dunkin' Donuts locations -- that better include the DD online shop! If not, we'll be begging some of you to send 'em our way! Look for these this summer...

Starbucks - How confident is the 'Bucks about the taste of its gourmet instant coffee packets, a.k.a. VIA Ready Brew? Confident enough to promise you a free 12-oz. bag of House Blend ground coffee if you buy the instant coffee and DON'T like it. If you purchased VIA and aren't nuts about it, click here and fill out the form... but we're pretty sure that's not gonna happen. That stuff rocks!

The Buzz...

Get this: Applebee's Signature Sirloin with Garlic Herb Shrimp is the restaurant's new best-selling entrée. Why is this significant? It's the first time that a menu item touted as being diet-friendly has ever been the chain's top seller! (The dish is from the Under 550 Calories menu.) People are jumping on the lightened-up bandwagon (which, ironically, makes the bandwagon itself heavier). ***Need something to brighten your Monday morning? A new study indicates that pistachios (one of our favorite snack nuts) may be lower in calories than originally thought. Click here for more on this. And BTW, we couldn't be happier... especially since we have a GIANT box of pistachios in our pantry. (No joke.) ***Ahhh, the power of oranges -- literally! Some people with too much time on their hands in France found a way to power an electric billboard using 2,500 of the citrus fruits. We're all for alternative energy... but we're also all for eating oranges. Not sure how we feel about this. ***More fruit power! That "apple a day" adage may have some truth behind it, according to a new study; tests showed lowered cholesterol levels and weight loss in subjects who ate daily servings of dried apples. Only ladies were tested. Sorry, guys. ***Scientists have found that being overweight or obese could have a negative effect on memory, among other health risks. However, the latest research shows that substantial weight loss could help to reverse these effects and improve brain health. That's one fact we'll be sure to remember... ***Having trouble wrapping your head around all the sweeteners on the market these days? Check out this sweetener flowchart! Satisfying your sweet tooth just got simpler... And that's all we've got. HG out!

Look Who Else Has a New Bestseller!
Look Who Else Has a New Bestseller!

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It's April 25th, which is National Zucchini Bread Day. Sounds like a great day to make our Fluffy-Good Zucchini Nut Muffins!

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