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Layers Are IN!
Layers Are IN!
Spotted on Shelves...

Kashi TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layered Granola Bars - The latest bars to come out of Kashi-ville are AMAZING! That gooey layer on top is made from real fruit mixed with chocolate (so FUDGY!), there's peanut butter mixed into the granola part, and the top is studded with chocolate pieces and peanut bits. Each bar has 130 calories, 4.5g fat, 80mg sodium, 20g carbs, 4g fiber, 7g sugars, and 4g protein (PointsPlus® value 3*). YUM!

Oroweat Pocket Thins Flatbread - Step aside, flat sandwich rolls -- there's a new 100-calorie bread item in town. This one is fluffy and ready to fill! And here's something unique: There are chia seeds cooked right in. Each pocket has 100 calories, 1g fat, 180mg sodium, 21g carbs, 2g fiber, 1g sugars, and 3g protein (PointsPlus® value 3*). Who's hungry? US! (It's always us.)

Limited-Edition Crystal Light Mocktails - The easiest way to make low-calorie cocktails 'n mocktails? Right here. Crystal Light has non-alcoholic powdered drink mixes in Appletini, Margarita, and Mojito varieties with only 5 calories for a serving. (Heads up: A serving is 1/8th of a packet; each packet makes a 2-qt. pitcher.) Perfect for the days when you don't feel like making HG versions. (It happens!)

Spread the Word... Hungry Girl Season 2 Is Coming to Food Network!

In case you missed the announcement in last Tuesday's email or don't follow HG on Facebook (ahem, WHY NOT?), this news is HUGE. MEGA-HUMONGOUS, in fact. Due to popular demand, the new season of Hungry Girl is coming to FOOD NETWORK!!! Season 2 of the Hungry Girl television show premieres Sunday, August 7th, on Food Network AND the entire season will air there as well! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The episodes will re-air on Cooking Channel (we love CC!) in the fall, but the first run kicks off on Food Network, Sunday mornings in August at 10am ET/PT, the same time slot you've been enjoying since the sneak peek began in May. We couldn't be more excited about the move, and we owe it all to YOU, our loyal subscribers and viewers! You all tuned in and demanded more Hungry Girl on Food Network... You got it! Thanks a MILLION and get pumped for August -- season 2 is going to be sooooo good... YAY!

HG + Food Network = One Hot Couple!
HG + Food Network = One Hot Couple!
Things We're Loving at the HG HQ...

We interrupt your regularly scheduled news story for this update! A few products have recently taken the HG HQ by storm...

- Think of this as the unsweetened love child of coffee and hot chocolate. You brew it like coffee, but it's made from cacao beans, resulting in a beverage that sips like coffee but smells like a pan of brownies! Only 20 fat-free calories a cup (prepared), and it's terrific with a splash of light vanilla soymilk in it. YAY, CHOFFY!

Guy Fieri Sauces and Salsas
- Food Network star and HG pal Guy Fieri has his very own line of BBQ sauces and salsas... and it ROCKS!!!! The salsas are chunky and flavorful -- the Old Skool Original is straight-up INCREDIBLE. And no matter what flavors you like, he's got a sauce for you -- the Kansas City Smokey & Sweet Barbeque Sauce should be a summer staple, and the Pacific Rim Barbeque & Wok Sauce is perfect for everything from stir-frys to grilled goodies! Plus, all these ROCKIN' condiments have only 10 - 40 calories per 2-tbsp. serving. Look for them in your local grocery stores, or click here to order!

The Buzz...

The most recent fast-food restaurant to jump on the Slimmed-Down Express? (This bandwagon's so popular, we gave it a name.) Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen! The new "Louisiana Leaux: Get Up & Geaux" menu features "naked" chicken tenders, three ways -- in a wrap (200 calories, 6g fat), in a po' boy sandwich (340 calories, 7g fat), and as a full meal with sides (300 calories, 9g fat). There's even a kids meal. Whoa! (Or should we say, "Wheaux!"?) ***More good news for chicken lovers -- KFC's grilled white-meat breast pieces are now 20 percent larger than before! More lean protein always makes us happy... ***Bummer sodium news: The Food Standards Agency in Scotland released research showing that although food producers are scaling back the amount of salt added to their products, there has been no reduction in the average sodium intake for people in Scotland. Guess we should keep salt-slashing... ***Now in the "strange but true" category, a Louisiana State University study shows that kids who eat candy are 22 percent less likely to be obese or overweight than kids who don't eat any candy; in adolescents, the number rose to 26 percent. So while a candy free-for-all isn't a great idea, a sweet treat now and then probably won't send your child hurtling into a dangerous lifestyle. Moderation, people! ***Finally, we want to send a big "CONGRATS" to our pal Joey Chestnut on his fifth straight win at this year's Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest! YAY, JOEY! And if you want to check out the kind of stuff that fills up a competitive eater, check out the recipes from the "Fill 'Er Up!" episode of Hungry Girl. (Mr. Chestnut himself was a special guest in the kitchen!) And that's all we've got. HG out!

Popeyes Goes
Popeyes Goes "Leaux" Calorie!

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Happy National Blueberry Muffin Day, July 11th! Don't feel like making your own? Grab a box of Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size Blueberry Muffin cereal or order some BlueBran VitaTops!

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