New Nog Swap, Fiber Facts, Holiday Calorie Burn & More!

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Lean, Green, and Florentine!
Lean, Green, and Florentine!
Spotted on Shelves...

Egg Beaters Florentine - Don't have the energy to whip up a gourmet b-fast first thing in the morning? Egg Beaters has done it for you. This new egg-substitute blend is spiked with spinach, tomato, Italian herbs, and mozzarella cheese. Just pour, cook, and eat! A 3-tbsp. serving has 30 calories, 0.5g fat, 150mg sodium, 2g carbs, <1g fiber, 0g sugars, and 4g protein (PointsPlus® value 1*), which is especially great since we plan on consuming 2 - 3 servings at a time. The refrigerated concoction is just hitting shelves now, so keep an eye on the liquid-egg section of the supermarket.

So Delicious Nog Coconut Milk Beverage - Holiday alert! Lovers of eggnog and coconut will wanna try this dairy-free stuff... Each 1/2-cup serving has 90 calories, 3g fat, 115mg sodium, 15g carbs, 1g fiber, 14g sugars, and 0g protein (PointsPlus® value 2*). Impressive! Check supermarkets and natural-foods stores (or click here to locate), and grab a carton from the fridge section.

Tyson Grilled & Ready Fully Cooked Frozen Seasoned Beef Strips
- If you love steak dishes but feel like whipping 'em up at home is too complicated, then you're in luck. These freezer-aisle strips are perfect -- just microwave or heat in a skillet. Great for making fajitas, topping off a salad, and mixing with veggies and teriyaki sauce for a super-simple stir-fry. Each 3-oz. serving has 140 calories, 6g fat, 500mg sodium, 1g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, and 18g protein (PointsPlus® value 3*). There's also a refrigerated version. Shortcuts galore, people...

Stop the Fiber Confusion!

You already know that fiber is good for you and that whole-grain products are a great way to get more fiber into your life. But LOOK OUT: New research reportedly indicates that people who increase their consumption of whole-grain foods but don't pay attention to nutrition labels could take in an additional 1,200 calories per day. EEKS! Don't worry. There are things you can do to prevent this. First of all, don't simply add whole-grain foods to your diet; replace things. If you tend to eat a lot of wraps and sandwiches, choose high-fiber/whole-grain tortillas and bread slices. If you eat rice with your meal, pick brown rice (or another grain like quinoa) instead of white. And when you plan to have pasta, opt for a whole-wheat blend with a good dose of fiber. This is a much better way to increase your fiber intake than, say, adding whole-grain cookies to your afternoon snack. Secondly, read the labels! Pay attention to calories per serving and serving size... not just the amount of fiber. If the calories per serving are much higher than the standard version you'd go for, you may want to rethink your choice. Click here for a whole lot more info on fiber, and eat smart!

How Much Whole Grain Should You Eat?
How Much Whole Grain Should You Eat?
Burn Calories Like Yule Logs!
Burn Calories Like Yule Logs!
HG Special Report: Holiday Calorie Burners

Here's the lowdown on a few common activities for this time of year and how many calories you can burn doing 'em! (Averages based on a 160-lb. person.)

Holiday Shopping - Two hours of shopping will burn about 334 calories. Congrats! You just burned off nearly a full cup of homemade stuffing -- which is good because your mom's recipe is hard to resist.

Cooking a Feast - Making a big meal? You'll burn around 145 calories per hour spent hustling around the kitchen. If you're the type who spends all day cooking, that could turn into a serious workout! An hour's work will take care of the calories in a glass of wine or sparkling cider, so reward yourself.

Shoveling Snow - Sure, 45 minutes spent shoveling the cold white stuff is a serious chore, but it will burn almost 330 calories. That'll nearly cancel out a slice of real pumpkin pie, so don't stress if you've gotta have it.

Cleaning Up After a Holiday Party - So your house is trashed after your big holiday party. On the bright side, an hour spent cleaning up will burn about 218 calories. After an hour and a half's work, you'll have earned yourself one or two of those sugar cookies your sister always brings.

To calculate dozens of activities based on your specific weight, click here! Then get movin' and chewin'...

The Buzz...

The United Health Foundation has released its yearly America's Health Rankings report. The good news is that the overall health of the nation didn't get worse in the past year; the bad news is that it didn't get better either. Obesity rates increased, but fewer people are smoking (which is good, but hopefully not related to the hike in obesity). Vermont ranked as the healthiest state, with New Hampshire and Connecticut right behind it -- go New England! Mississippi came in last place... for the tenth year in a row. Sounds like 2012 is the perfect time to turn things around in the southern state! ***Let's hear it for moderation: A new study shows that when it comes to losing weight and reducing breast cancer risk, it may be better to cut carbs two days a week than to be on a vigilant diet daily. That's our kind of good news... ***Adding to its long list of celebrity spokespeople, the new face of Weight Watchers will be... Charles Barkley! The "Round Mound of Rebound" himself will appear as part of the new "Lose Like a Man" campaign, aimed at getting men to think differently about weight loss. SCORE. ***Alright, this new device is kind of nuts. The TopBrewer mounts onto your countertop, brews coffee from a faucet, and you can control it with your iPhone. WHAT? It also dispenses everything from espresso to warm milk. It's like science-fiction hydration! ***The New Year is nearly upon us, which means more new Hungry Girl episodes! Wake up early on January 1st (or set your DVR) for "Knockout Brunch" on Food Network. Lisa lightens up heavy a.m. meals and dishes out tips for eating smart at brunch buffets. So don't forget -- Sunday (1/1/12) at 10am/9c on Food Network. And that's all we've got. HG out!

What's New in American Health?
What's New in American Health?

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Happy National Hard Candy Day, December 19th! Three Werther's Original Hard Candies have 70 calories and 1.5g fat, and ordinary peppermint candies have about 20 calories a pop. Not bad!

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