Junk-Free Candy, Guilt-Free Restaurant Meals, Holiday Fro Yo & MORE!

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Chick, Chick, HOORAY!
Chick, Chick, HOORAY!
Spotted on Shelves...

Applegate Naturals Grilled Chicken Breast Strips - Our love for Applegate's tasty products goes on and on, and these new cooked chicken strips are no exception! Choose from original and Southwestern-Style. Each 3-oz. serving has 90 - 100 calories, 1 - 2g fat, 290 - 340mg sodium, 0 - 2g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, and 15 - 24g protein (PointsPlus® value 2*). Ready-to-eat protein rocks our socks... Find it in the fridge section! 

Unreal Candy Unjunked Un 8 Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bars - These individually wrapped treats come full sized too, but we recently got our hands on the half-sized 100-calorie versions, and we are LOVING 'em! These candies have less sugar than regular candy bars, plus no artificial ingredients, corn syrup, etc. Each 0.8-oz. bar has 100 calories, 6g fat, 44mg sodium, 12g carbs, 3g fiber, 8g sugars, and 2g protein (PointsPlus® value 3*). There's also a sans-peanut version -- Un 5 -- with 80 calories per mini bar! Click to find...

Grimmway Farms Simply Delicious Carrot Creations - If whipping up veggie side dishes feels like a major chore (not to mention getting the family to eat said veggies!), give these carrots a try. In two flavors -- Roasted Garlic & Savory Herb and Honey, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon -- the buttery-sauced sides in microwaveable bags are worth checking out! Each 3-oz. serving has just 70 calories, 3 - 4.5g fat, 95 - 160mg sodium, 8 - 9g carbs, 2g fiber, 5 - 7g sugars, and 1g protein (PointsPlus® value 2*). Look for 'em in the refrigerated produce section.

Restaurants Lighten Up with New Low-Calorie Meals!

Ready for the latest batch of smart menu options? Good! Red Lobster has added a slew of no-guilt seafood and chicken dishes to its lineup. There's the Bar Harbor Salad with Shrimp, Chicken, or Salmon (260 - 350 calories and 9 - 10g fat without dressing or cheese), the Tropical BBQ Glazed Chicken (390 calories and 6g fat), the Island Grilled Mahi-Mahi and Shrimp (510 calories and 5g fat), and more. Heads up: Not every new item is guilt-free, so check out the stats before ordering. LongHorn Steakhouse (owned by the same peeps behind Olive Garden and Red Lobster) recently debuted a Flavorful Under 500 menu. The best part? That 500-calorie cap includes a salad, entrée, AND side dish! And lastly, the guilt-free-food mecca known as LYFE Kitchen (nearly everything on the menu is under 600 calories!) has announced a nationwide expansion plan, with ten locations slated to open next year (including restaurants in Chicago and New York). YAY!!!

Right On, Restaurant Chains!
Right On, Restaurant Chains!
Ghoulishly Good!
Ghoulishly Good!
Guilt-Free Halloween Goodies!

Check out these smart alternatives to standard candy for trick-or-treaters...

Kellogg's Krave Halloween Packs - We're big fans of this chocolicious cereal, with its crunchy exterior and smooth chocolate center. And now it comes in fun-size pouches! In both Chocolate and Double Chocolate, each 0.35-oz. pouch has 40 calories and 1g fat. Watch out, M&M's... You've got some yummy competition!

Wonderful Pistachios "Frankenweenie" Halloween Snack Packs - These Roasted & Salted nuts come in 0.25-oz. bags, perfect for goblins, ghouls and, um, YOU! Each pouch has around 6 nuts and 20 calories and 1.5g fat, so feel free to munch on a few after the trick-or-treating winds down!

Kellogg's Fun Size Scary Berry Pop-Tarts Mini Crisps - YAY -- more Halloween varieties of things we love! Sure, they're called "Scary Berry," but there's nothing scary about 45 calories and 1g fat per fun-size pouch. No tiny toaster required.

The Buzz...

We're rebels: We swim right after eating, wear white after Labor Day, and eat frozen treats all year long! Good thing, too, because... The folks at TCBY have special seasonal flavors of Super Fro-Yo from now through the end of the year! This month (October) they've been serving Pumpkin Pie, and in November they'll switch to Apple Spice. December's flavor? EGGNOG! ***Now some not-so-good (but necessary) news... You know that ever-expanding peanut butter recall? It includes our beloved Justin's Nut Butter. Jars and squeeze packs of the brand's peanut butter have been recalled, as well as its chocolate peanut butter cups. Sad times! Click here for all the details. ***If you're keeping an eye on the presidential election, check this out -- your coffee purchase at 7-Eleven could help predict the results (unofficially, anyway)! Select a blue cup for Obama or a red cup for Romney, and 7-Eleven will tally up the "votes." Click here to see where your state stands so far. We know how we're voting... Vanilla Nut with a splash of Pumpkin Spice! ***Take seasonal flavors into your own hands with this DIY pumpkin vodka (if you're of the legal drinking age)! We think that this half-homemade spirit sounds like the recipe for a PAR-TAY... ***Finally, the HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX! book tour is coming home to Southern California! Tonight (Monday, 10/22), the freebie-packed soiree is at The Grove in Los Angeles, and on Wednesday (10/24) we're heading to San Diego for another rockin' event. Then we're off to Phoenix on Friday (10/26) to round out the week! Join us for tons of snacks, prizes, and so much more. YAYAYAYAY!!! And that's all we've got. HG out!

Pumpkin-ed Up & Protein Packed!
Pumpkin-ed Up & Protein Packed!

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Happy National Nut Day, October 22nd! If general HG nuttiness alone isn't enough for you, we suggest snacking on some almonds.

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