High-Protein Flatbread, Pepsi Ditches Aspartame, Chipotle Goes GMO Free

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Big Brands Make Big Changes: Chipotle Goes GMO Free, Pepsi Ditches Aspartame, and Tyson Bids Adieu to Antibiotics

Big Food Brands Make Big Changes

First, McDonald's rolled out grilled chicken free of artificial preservatives; then Kraft followed suit with its Macaroni & Cheese. Now a few more major food companies are taking similar steps...

It's official... Chipotle Mexican Grill has pledged to only serve food that's free of GMOs. What exactly are GMOs? They're genetically modified organisms, which means the food's genes have been altered. Some experts cite significant benefits to their use, noting that GMOs create bigger crop yields and curb the use of chemical pesticides. Others point out that their long-term impact hasn't been studied and that GMOs could have negative environmental and health effects. Quite the controversy...

In beverage news, the artificial sweetener aspartame is being removed from Diet Pepsi products... but what's replacing it? Sucralose and ace-K -- also artificial sweeteners. So it's basically going from Equal to Splenda. Just a heads-up...

Lastly, Tyson Foods is in the process of getting rid of human antibiotics in its chicken. The brand's already reduced the amount by 80 percent since 2011, and plans to be completely rid of human antibiotics in its chickens by 2017.

Poll time! Do you care about GMOs? What do you think of Pepsi's change from one artificial ingredient to two others? And are you more likely to buy chicken that's free of human antibiotics? Take our three-question poll, and sound off!

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