StarKist Chicken, Cheese & Crackers, Chicken Burgers, Amazon Kitchen Scale

May 21 2018

Spotted on Shelves…

StarKist Chicken Creations Pouches

One 2.6-oz. pouch: 70 - 90 calories, 2 - 3g total fat (0.5 - 1g sat. fat), 400 - 700mg sodium, 4 - 5g carbs, 0 - 1g fiber, 0 - 2g sugars, 9 - 10g protein -- SmartPoints® value 1 - 2*

This is MAJOR: StarKist has officially unveiled ready-to-eat chicken in convenient, single-serve, no-drain pouches! There are four tasty flavors: Bold Buffalo Style, Zesty Lemon Pepper, Ginger Soy, and Chicken Salad. Perfect for fast & easy lunches and on-the-go snacking! The line is just rolling out now, but hardcore fans can order a case on Amazon... Hurry, they're selling out quickly.

Mini Babybel Light Cheese & Crackers

1 pack: 90 calories, 4g total fat (3g sat. fat), 210mg sodium, 7g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 7g protein -- SmartPoints® value 3*

How do you make a wheel of creamy light cheese even better? Add crackers! And these are so cute: They look like mini Triscuits! In addition to this Light option, there are packs with 100 - 110 calories featuring White Cheddar Variety or Babybel Original with petite Ritz-like crackers. What a perfect little on-the-go snack! Available in select stores nationwide.

Tribalí Foods Chicken Patties in Chipotle

1 patty: 140 calories, 4g total fat (1g sat. fat), 410mg sodium, 3g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 22g protein -- SmartPoints® value 2*

Grilling season is fast approaching, so make sure you're prepared! Having a box or two of really awesome chicken burgers in the freezer is an excellent place to start, and these are, without question, REALLY awesome. Made from organic free-range chicken, these spiced patties are free of gluten and loaded with flavor. Enjoy them over a bed of shredded lettuce, on 100-calorie sandwich rolls, on lettuce buns... Endless possibilities, people! Click to locate.

Worth Buying Online: The Amazon Food Scale with 7,500+ Reviews

This isn’t just any food scale, folks. With nearly 8,000 reviews(!) and a 4.5-star rating, the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale is hardly a risky purchase! The sleek design, the high-precision sensors, the included batteries -- yes, that totally matters… It’s the WORST when you get a new gadget and discover you're out of AAAs! So don’t even THINK about eyeballing your portions... Every kitchen needs a quality kitchen scale!

Tune-In Alert: The Official Hungry Girl Podcast Is Here!

Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing! is NOW available. Listen in as Lisa and her crew tackle every food subject under the sun! In each themed episode, Lisa shares her go-to survival strategies, breaking food news, never-before-heard stories, and so much more. It’s entertaining, informative, personal, funny, and FUN!

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First up: “The Travel Episode!” Hear Lisa’s approach to the mini bar, room service, airplane food, and more. Plus, some pretty surprising food fakers, the best and worst airlines for healthy food, and Lisa’s personal tips & tricks that keep her fit and healthy no matter where she travels. Check it out!

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And that’s all we’ve got. ‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!

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