HG Salutes: Boca Burgers!

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Today, we're celebrating one of our most essential frozen-food finds. We love these circles of soy for their high-fiber, low-fat, protein-packed, and delicious-tasting ways. Without them, our fast-food-burger swaps would be heavier and less awesome. Today we salute... Boca Original Vegan Veggie/Meatless Burgers!

  What Are They?

Boca Original Vegan Veggie/Meatless Burgers
PER SERVING (1 patty): 70 calories, 0.5g fat, 280mg sodium, 6g carbs, 4g fiber, 0g sugars, 13g protein -- PointsPlus® value 2

Nutritious soy [blended with] with delicious extras.

A hearty patty that's a good source of fiber.

Cooks up juicy and satisfies big appetites -- and it's high in protein, too.

We heart these frozen burgers in a big way. Above are some of the reasons why, courtesy of the Boca folks themselves, but we've got many more below! Keep reading, people...

  Why Do We Love Them?

They're CRAZY-LOW in calories.
With just 70 calories each, these are the lightest mainstream patties we've found. Sure, there may be some obscure brand that makes patties with 42 calories... But these are our main squeeze.

They go with EVERYTHING! OK, fine, they probably wouldn't taste great with whipped topping, but these patties are tasty, yet neutral enough that they won't clash with any of the things we slap on 'em. Avocado? Bring it on. Pineapple? Absolutely. Eggplant? Yes, please...

They're good for dishes other than burgers. "Other than burgers?!," you might shriek in horror. To which we'd reply, "Yes... and that was a pretty extreme reaction to our mundane statement." Simply cook up a patty, and then break or chop it into pieces. BAM! You've got portion-controlled protein to wrap up in a high-fiber tortilla, stir into a noodle dish, toss over a salad... whatever! In fact, you can crumble that patty into really small pieces and use it in any recipe that calls for ground-beef-style soy crumbles! (1 patty = 1/2 cup crumbles.)


100-Calorie Flat Sandwich Buns
- Not only are these items low in calories (hence, very complementary to the burgers), but they're also the PERFECT size for the Boca patties. It's like these BFFs were MFEO (made for each other).

Cheese - POP QUIZ! Which of these cheeses is a Boca patty's BFF?
a) Fat-free cheddar (placed on top of the patty)
b) A wedge of The Laughing Cow Light (spread on a bun, on which the patty sits)
c) A fat-free American cheese slice (mixed and melted with sour cream, to form a lovely sauce that tops the patty)

The answer is... ALL of the above! It is a TRICK question... Fooled you! 

  Patty-Time, Excellent! Recipe Roundup

Here we have a handful of recipes you can make with these burgers. We love them so much, and you will too!

Totally Stacked Steak-Style HG Burger
- This one is topped with fiber-fried onion strings. We know what you're thinking... "YUM!"

In-N-Outrageous Animal-Style Salad - A salad inspired by a burger at a beloved West Coast burger chain. Chomp it ASAP.

Big Deal Burger-dilla - There's a burger inside that quesadilla! The sneaky thing...

Egg Mug Burger-rama
- Lunchtime flavors + a breakfast scramble = an easy 'n amazing recipe you'll make again and again.

The Cheeseburger Chomp - Sure, it's chopped and wrapped... but the taste is 100 percent burger-ific!

Chili-rific Cheeseburger - No need to worry about fitting into your pants after eating this burger -- instead, focus on not dripping chili on them.

Flat-Top Patty Melt - Cheesy, onion-y, beefy, toasty... We need to make this NOW!


Wanna check out a bunch of three-ingredient recipes using patties like these? Grab a copy of Hungry Girl 300 Under 300: 300 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Dishes Under 300 Calories and flip to the Meatless Burger Trios chapter!


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Today, May 6th, is International No Diet Day. In general, we suggest just making an effort to eat sensibly every day. (Well, ALMOST every day...)

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