Pizzamania! (Restaurant Tips, Tricks & Picks!)

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We're delivering our essential tips for guilt-free pizza eating... straight to your computer screen! Read on and chew safely...

  HG's TOP ATE Tips for Pizza Ordering
  1. Thin crust or Neapolitan is almost always a better choice than Sicilian or pan pizza.
  2. Repeat after us: "Easy on the cheese."
  3. Load up on veggies. Just make sure they're not breaded and fried!
  4. Beware of fatty meats! Sausage? Skip it. Bacon? Buh-bye. Pepperoni? Please. To feed these cravings, turn to HG's slimmed-down recipes (like this one)!
  5. There's no shame in pizza blotting. Blot the oil off your pizza. Do it.
  6. Don't JUST eat pizza -- have a small salad too (dressing on the side; dip, don't pour)! Then you can enjoy a slice or two without feeling deprived and still hungry.
  7. Options to avoid: deep dish, stuffed crust, and specials with the word "Supreme," "Ultimate," "Works," or "Lovers" in the title... unless accompanied by the word "Veggie." Also avoid doughy side dishes. (What is the point of eating cheesy breadsticks dunked in marinara sauce WITH pizza? It's just more of the same!)
  8. Options to indulge in: whole-wheat or whole-grain crust (especially thin-style), fresh veggies, red pepper flakes, sliced olives, grated Parm (just a few sprinkles!), garlic powder, extra tomato sauce, jalapeño slices, and hot sauce. (Sensing a theme? Spicy foods slow down your eating and bring big flavor without big calorie counts!)
  The Big Three

These chains are everywhere and, chances are, you've been subjected to at least one in recent history. Here's some info to keep handy for next time!

Domino's gets automatic brownie points for having a Cal-O-Meter on its website that tallies up the calories in your order. We virtually loaded up a Large Thin Crust pizza with regular cheese, onions, green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and roasted red peppers. The Cal-O-Meter told us that 1/8th of that pizza would have 200 calories. Thank you, Cal-O-Meter!

HG Shocker! A single slice of the Large Hand Tossed Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch pie has 430 calories -- more than a similarly sized slice of any of the crazy-sounding "Feast" pies. Scary.

Pizza Hut
Thin 'N Crispy is the name of the game at PH. The smartest varieties? Ham & Pineapple and Veggie Lover's! (Warning: Hawaiian Luau is not the same as Ham & Pineapple; the Luau has bacon!) A slice from either of those Large pies (1/8th of the pizza) has 240 calories. Not quite as low as our picks from the other places, but still better than... well, keep reading...

HG Shocker!
A slice from a Large Stuffed Crust Meat Lover's pizza has an unreasonable 480 calories per slice. But we're equally perturbed to see that a Personal Pan Dan's Original pizza has 720 calories. SAD.

Papa John's
Go straight for the Garden Fresh pizza -- it has portabella mushrooms, along with a slew of other veggies! A slice from a standard Large Thin Crust will have 220 calories, but you can ask for "light cheese" and they won't sprinkle as much mozzarella on your pie (which means fewer calories).

HG Shocker! A John's Favorite Pizza for One? 1,080 calories and 56g fat! In this case, John is not to be trusted.

  Also Worth Mentioning... California Pizza Kitchen

This place has some fun toppings and a thin-crust option. But a word of warning: Although the pizzas look small enough to be individual pies, we highly recommend that you SHARE 'EM WITH FRIENDS -- the pies average around 1,000 calories a pop. So bring a pal or two, get something light to start off (try the Asparagus and Arugula Salad for 189 calories), and then choose a pizza to split!


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Did you know that October is National Pizza Month? Doesn't knowing that kinda make you want to eat pizza? If you want to make some pizza at home, click here for some of our best pizza-making tips and recipes!

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