Holiday Swap-a-rama (Recipe Mania!)

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It's a big ol' swap-a-rama! Read up on the TOP ATE tempting seasonal items, plus HG recipes to keep things guilt-free!


Baked Fruit-Filled Desserts1. Baked Fruit-Filled Desserts
Whether they're cobblers, crumbles, or classic pies, hot 'n fruity sweet treats are everywhere this time of year. There's something about these sweetly spiced desserts that's hard to resist. However, they're often PACKED with excess calories, sugar, and fat. No worries -- stick to our recipes. Your holidays will be happier with this hot fruit crumble on the table. Like your desserts pre-portioned? These dough-wrapped apples fit the bill! And speaking of apples, sometimes all you need is apple pie. 


Decadent Hot Drinks2. Decadent Hot Drinks
When it's cold outside, we wanna be warm inside! And the best, quickest way to do that is with a hot drink. (Who doesn't love clutching a steaming-hot cup of warmth when there's a chill in the air?) But cocoa, mocha, and latte concoctions are often unnecessarily loaded with too many calories. Not HG recipes, of course! This pumpkin latte is a seasonal standout, as is this toffee-tastic mocha. Here's a cin-fully good sipper for a crowd, and as for cocoa? We've got you covered: salted 'n caramel-y, smothered in s'mores, and nutty-good. Pssst... Click here for our guide to coffee-shop swaps and here for info on our very favorite hot cocoa packets.


Starchy Side Dishes3. Starchy Side Dishes
Stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie... Sigh. These items are seasonal staples, but the calories add up quickly. Luckily, we've got swaps for all the popular picks! Traditional stuffing, fruity stuffing, and cornbread stuffingsweet potato pieclassic mashed potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, and cheesy bacon mashed potatoes; and last but not least... corn muffins. So good, and SO guilt-free!


Seasonal Cocktails4. Seasonal Cocktails
This holiday season, you're likely to encounter some extremely tempting, decadent alcoholic beverages. Sweet and creamy are common trends... and with those trendy traits come high calorie counts. But we've got desserty cocktails COVERED. Blend up a mudslide, or shake your way to a pair of eggnog-spiked martinis. Ready for classic eggnog? Check it out! Here's a sweet drink duo for you -- one hot 'n chocolatey, one cold 'n minty. Want chocolate AND mint at the same time? Click here!


Cookies5. Cookies
Cookies can be dangerous! They don't seem terribly insidious when they're small, but it's a little too easy to lose track and overdo it. Skip those little discs of sugar, butter, and flour. We've got our own answer to cookies... SOFTIES! They're like cookie-muffin hybrids, and they're VERY delicious. We've got quite the lineup -- chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut, rocky road, pumpkin, and even pretzel-topped chocolate softies!


Sweet Peppermint Treats6. Sweet Peppermint Treats
Heavy desserts, hot chocolate... Is it just us, or is peppermint EVERYWHERE during the month of December? And while many traditional versions are on the naughty list, our counterparts are much nicer! This Peppermint Hot Cocoa is perfect -- three ingredients, instant gratification. This pie and this cheesecake will please you and your pals without the high calorie counts of similar recipes. As for peppermint bark? Here's our version... PEPPERMINT BARK FUDGE! And here's a minty chocolate treat that's perfect for two.


All Things Pumpkin7. All Things Pumpkin
Even though they started popping up months ago, many of us can't get enough pumpkin goodies! Keep the usual pumpkin muffins and cakes at arm's length; OUR recipes, however, should be kept close at hand. For breakfast, a Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Parfait or a Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Iced Scone is the way to go. Pumpkin pie calling your name? Try our upside-down take on the classic! And don't forget the savory side... A slab of quiche or, if you own HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX!, a heaping serving of Baked Pumpkin Mac & Cheese should make you happy!


Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!8. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!
Let's be real -- there's no WRONG time of year for chocolate. The holidays just tend to bring out the most indulgent chocolate treats in all the land. But we all know how pants-busting those desserts can be, so we've got recipes to meet your seasonal needs. Chocolate for breakfast? Make some sans-guilt chocolate chip muffins. Dessert for one? Cook up a quick PB&C Cake in a Mug. Brownies are always amazing, so click here for a nutty recipe and here for a caramel-n-coconut topped creation! Finally, when you need a batch of treats that are dressed to impress, these Double-Decker Fudgy Cheesecake Cupcakes are the way to go!


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