Best of... HG Faux-Frys! (Fried-Food Swaps)

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  faux-fry, noun

Definition of faux-fry 

An HG creation that tastes like fried food but is actually crumb-coated and baked until crispy. Typically features high-fiber crumbs made from Fiber One Original bran cereal. Effectively obliterates fried-food cravings, while containing a fraction of the fat and calories of fried food.

verb: the act of whipping up a faux-fry recipe.


Faux-frying is an essential part of the HG bag of tricks -- has been for years. And in that time, we've come up with some truly AMAZING recipes. Click here for our top faux-frying tips 'n tricks. Then read on for the best of the best, the tried (not fried!) and true...

  Finger-Lickin' Chicken

Pan-Fried Chicken Parm - It doesn't get much better than guilt-free chicken Parm! Click 'n chew...

H-O-T Hot Boneless Buffalo Wings - One of our most popular recipes ever. We can't imagine our lives without these tasty wings!

Crispity Crunchity Drumsticks - Forget KFC... This rockin' recipe features a special blend of herbs and spices that's no secret at all!

Kickin' Buttermilk Faux-Fried Chicken - Want big, impressive chicken tenders without the high calorie count? We've got 'em.

Planet Hungrywood Sweet & Cap'n Crunchy Chicken - The original dish at Planet Hollywood is loved by many... Our slimmed-down creation is equally lovable without a lick of guilt!

Sweet 'n Sassy Boneless Hot Wings - Sweet, sticky, savory, and spicy. Anything we left out? Oh yeah -- lots of unnecessary oil. 

  Onion Rings 'n Jalapeño Poppers

Lord of the Onion Rings - Our very first faux-fried recipe! We love it just as much now as the day we created it.

Hungry Cowgirl Onion Rings, Mexi-licious Onion Loops with Queso Dip, and Honey Yum Mustard Onion Rings - These variations on the classic are all outrageously good!

Jalapeño Swappers - Things we love: spicy jalapeños and creamy cheese. Things we don't love: excessive calorie and fat counts. This is how we get exactly what we want...

Big Blue Buffalo Jala' Poppers - Did we take our no-fry jalapeño poppers and cross them with a plate of Buffalo wings? OH YES, WE DID.

  Seafood Sensations

Sweet Coconut Crunch Shrimp - Coconut shrimp always calls to us from the restaurant menu. Put that call on hold, and make this yum-azing recipe instead.

Dy-no-mite Dream Shrimp - What is it about the combination of creamy sauces and fried foods? This decadent shrimp recipe is just the thing to satisfy your cravings.

Faux-Fried & Fabulous Calamari - Between the garlic bread and heavy entrées, Italian restaurants are loaded with enough calorie traps. Skip the fried seafood appetizer, and whip up this dish!

De-lish Fish 'n Chips - We made over a full chip-shop meal! The faux-fried fish goes SO well with butternut squash fries.

  Hungry for More?

Wish you could have a cookbook with lots of guilt-free faux-frys in one handheld place? YOU CAN! HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX! The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook has an entire "Faux-Fry" chapter packed with thirty-eight amazing recipes: Stuffed Mushroom Jalapeño Poppers, Taco-Flavored Chicken Nuggets, Shrimp Parmesan, and so much more! Click to find the BEST online deals...


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