Healthy Survival Guides for Chain Restaurants, Holidays, and More (Roundup)

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HG UPDATE: For the most recent Hungry Girl Survival Guides, check out our latest roundup! It features up-to-date guides for all your favorite chain restaurants.

Over the years, we've created essential survival guides for SO many different scenarios, everything from Starbucks visits to vacation trips. Here's our Official Guide to HG Survival Guides!


  Chain, Chain, Chain...

IHOP Survival Guide - There are plenty of smart picks at the International House of Pancakes. This guide's even got a Beyond Breakfast section!

Chili's Survival Guide - Our latest Chili's guide has the 411 on apps, soups, sides, and entrées. Eat up!

Starbucks Survival Guide - You must read this before your next stop at the 'Bucks! It's crammed with the smartest java options, breakfast finds, and pastry-case picks.

Red Lobster Survival Guide - Don't be a chowderhead... Consult this guide before you dine at Red Lobster. This one is packed with shockers and swaps!

T.G.I. Friday's Survival Guide - LOADS of great info here. From starters to side dishes, we've got you covered!

Panera Bread Survival Guide - There's more to Panera than just bread. Navigate the menu with this handy guide!

  Go-Anywhere Restaurant Advice...

The Big Fast-Food Survival Guide - Get through the drive-thru without a calorie catastrophe. Read up on our top tips and best picks.

Sandwich-Shop Survival Guide - Advice you can apply at any sub stop, plus the 411 on popular sandwich chains. This guide's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

Chinese Restaurant Survival Guide - Check out the calorie counts on common dishes before your next takeout meal. And don't miss the HG makeover recipes!

Sushi Survival Guide - So much fantastic info here, no blurb could do it justice. Check it out!

Ice-Cream-Shop Survival Guide - Tips for ordering at popular chains and general ice cream advice are covered here. Do NOT miss it.

Fro Yo Survival Guide - Frozen yogurt more your speed? There's a guide for that! Read up on soft-serve suggestions and so much more.

  Think Outside the Eateries...

At-Work Survival Guide - Workplace snacking DOs and DON'Ts, tips for a brilliant brown-bag lunch, and guilt-free desk snacks!

Back-to-School Survival Guide (College Edition) - Learn how to navigate the campus dining hall, find the best snacks to keep in your dorm room, and whip up a bunch of no-cook basics in a small kitchen space.

Travel Survival Guide - Use this handy reference to avoid a trip to Calorie City. (We hear that's not where you were headed, anyway.)

Happy Hour Survival Guide - Keep cocktail time happy and guilt-free with these DOs and DON'Ts. Plus, recommendations on how to stock your own bar, HG-style!

  Holiday-Centric Solutions...

Summer Survival Guide - From BBQs to beach days, and everything in between. Lots of product picks and recipe ideas here!

Halloween Survival Guide - Stats for DOZENS of those mini candies, plus tips and a recipe roundup!

Holiday Season Survival Guide - This guide'll get you through all those winter festivities. It's also great for dinner events and cocktail parties!

Super Bowl Survival Guide - Recipes, pregame ideas, party tips... This one is great for any game day!

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