New Year's Resolution Solutions

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New Year's resolutions are all about getting on the right track for the rest of the year. But the wrong resolution can set you up for failure. Well, HG is here with resolution solutions!

HG Resolution: Short-Term Goals

Typical Resolution: I'm going to lose 60 pounds this year.

Better Resolution: I'm going to lose 5 pounds by February. Then another 5 each month...

Mathematically inclined minds may have noticed that these resolutions have the exact same end-goal. So why is one better than the other? Setting short-term targets is a smart way to keep yourself motivated and mindful as you strive toward your ultimate goal. Even better? Line up rewards for each goal you meet, and adjust upcoming targets if you don't reach one month's goal. So if you lose only 4 pounds in January, aim for 6 pounds in February. Now you've got a resolution you can feel good about and a strong chance at success!


Typical Resolution: I'm gonna train for that marathon like my super-fit coworkers. (I hate running, but I'm going to do it anyway.)

Better Resolution: I'm going to try all kinds of exercise routines until I find one that I love.

Why commit to something you know you're not feeling? Exercise shouldn't be torture. And if you force yourself to do something you don't enjoy, it's highly unlikely that you'll stick with it. There's a better way to make physical activity a regular part of your life -- find something you'll actually look forward to. Check out some fitness classes, pop in a yoga DVD, give that dance-school Groupon a try, or just make long walks with Fido a part of your routine. It doesn't have to be intense, hard-core, or even time consuming -- ease into exercise, and find something that fits your lifestyle.

HG Resolution: Enjoyable Exercise
HG Resolution: Healthy Alternatives

Typical Resolution: I'm giving up junk food and comfort food altogether -- just white-meat chicken and veggies for this girl.

Better Resolution: I'm going to clean up my eating, and find healthier alternatives to the foods I crave.

If you restrict yourself to a boring food plan, and tell yourself nothing but perfection will do, you'll probably feel completely deprived, and fall off the wagon in no time. Why make things so difficult for yourself? Choose a food plan you can actually live with... one with smart solutions for real-world cravings. Top that chicken with seasoned crushed tomatoes, light cheese, and turkey pepperoni for a pizza fix. Turn spaghetti squash into a saucy pasta swap! The HG world (including the Hungry Girl Diet) is full of helpful recipes and tips 'n tricks like these.


Typical Resolution: No more dining out, because I'm on a diet.

Better Resolution: I'll eat out less often, and when I do, I'll go prepared and order smart.

No dining out? Really? It's easier said than done. But one night, you might have a work dinner or a family celebration. Are you going to be the stick-in-the-mud who won't go, or will you abandon your resolution entirely and order the burger with fries? There's another way. Research is key! If you know you're going out, look at the menu ahead of time, and identify your best options. This way, you won't have to make a snap decision. Also, take some time to identify the proper portions of common foods: a palm-sized amount of lean meat, a fist-sized cup of pasta... This will help when you're in a less-controlled situation. For more dining-out tips, click right here.

HG Resolution: Order Smart When Dining Out

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Today, January 9th, is National Apricot Day. Are apricots in season? Not even close. How about some grilled chicken with an apricot-preserves glaze? That'll do.

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