As-Seen-on-TV Gadget Reviews

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Tempted to try out those As Seen on TV kitchen gadgets, but wondering if they really work as well as they appear to? We gave a bunch of them a whirl to see if they're worth it... Check it out!

Pop Chef
  Pop Chef

Tagline: "The quick & easy way to make unique, fun snacks!"

What It's Supposed to Do: Cut perfect, adorable little shapes out of your food (a.k.a. DIY Edible Arrangements!)

Did It Work? Yeah, it did! The Pop Chef works better on some foods than others. For example, it worked PERFECTLY on melon, but the pineapple shapes looked a bit ragged. The inevitable bummer is that there IS a fair amount of food left over, cut from around the shapes. But if you're like us, you'll just chop the leftovers into a fruit salad for later!

Official HG Grade: A-

  Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet

Tagline: "Simply FREEZE... Then Skim the Surface & Fat is GONE!"

What It's Supposed to Do: Remove visible fat from the top of your food, lowering the calorie and fat count. The box also says "make meals healthier" and "soaks up grease like a magnet."

Did It Work? Nope. Nopesville. Nope-dot-com. It says on the box that it's "perfect for stews, soups, gravies, chili, and more", so we picked up the greasiest chili we could find. Sure, the Fat Magnet got all gross and slicked with grease in the way ANYTHING would if you put it on the surface of that chili. But nothing stuck to it especially well. Big. Fat. FAIL.

Official HG Grade: F

Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet
Perfect Tortilla Pan Set
  Perfect Tortilla Pan Set

Tagline: "Baked not fried!"

What It's Supposed to Do: Create baked taco-bowl shells out of ordinary tortillas without all the fat of fried versions.

Did It Work? Yeah! The Perfect Tortilla Pan absolutely made the bowls, and they held their shape well. The tortilla didn't get 100 percent crunchy -- there was still a bit of chewiness -- but that was likely due to the reduced-calorie/high-fiber tortillas we used. The bowls LOOKED very cool and tasted great!

Official HG Grade: A-

  Squeezy Freezy Slushy Maker

Tagline: "Just squeeze & freeze!"

What It's Supposed to Do: Create a slushy drink out of your ordinary beverage without adding ice or using a blender.

Did It Work? Kind of, but not really. First, we tried the Squeezy Freezy with the sugar-free drinks that we had around Hungryland. Failure. Barely iced up. Then we got some regular full-sugar soda to test it with, as the product pamphlet recommended, and it worked better. But it was still more slush-ish than a full-on slushy. And we're sad it didn't work with the sugarless stuff. Not worth nearly $20.

Official HG Grade: C-

Squeezy Freezy Slushy Maker
Chop Magic Food Chopper
  Chop Magic Food Chopper

Tagline: "Chop Magic chopper is lightning fast with just one pass!"

What It's Supposed to Do: "... Chop, Mince, Cube, Slice & Dice Just in Seconds."

Did It Work? Yes, but better on some things than others. On an apple, the Chop Magic worked well, but the pieces weren't uniform. It worked great on fresh tomatoes but just okay with onions. The best use for this is with anything that won't be cooked -- the pieces don't turn out evenly sized, so some will cook more slowly than others. Heads up: We're seeing some negative reviews for it online, and maybe those people tried it out on a lot more food items than we did. But we're pretty pleased with our experience! It requires a little more force than your average knife, but if you make a lot of chopped veggie salads (like we do), it's a real timesaver.

Official Grade: B+


Review Coming Soon... Veggetti! WHOA. This slicing device promises to turn veggies like zucchini and carrots into pasta-like noodles! That's a page right out of the HG handbook, and it would certainly make our Zucchini-Ribbon Salad easier to prepare. We haven't tested this one yet -- we JUST ordered it -- but we'll report back once we have! Has anyone out there tried it? Email us and let us know what you think!


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