Cinco de Mayo Survival Guide (2015)

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HG's Cinco de Mayo Survival Guide
Lots of people will go overboard celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but you won't be one of them... not with these tips, picks, and (of course) recipes!


Top 5 Tips for Eating Mexican Food, Guilt-Free

Skip the chips. You can easily take in 500 calories before your meal even arrives. And the guac is dangerous too... Sure, it's made from healthy avocado, but it's too easy to overdo it when paired with those bottomless chips. (Spoon a couple of dollops onto your entrée instead.)

Watch out for the salad trap. Order straight from the menu, and you could wind up with a fat-fest. Skip the fried shell, fatty meats, creamy dressing, and mounds of cheese & sour cream. Instead, go for a bowl of greens with grilled chicken or shrimp, black beans, corn, veggies, and salsa. Perfect!

Hack your fajitas. Order chicken or shrimp fajitas, light on the oil, with corn tortillas instead of flour ones and black beans rather than refried. (Ditch the cheese and sour cream.) Stuff two of those tortillas to the max, and eat any leftover protein and veggies on the side. You can use this trick with tacos too -- pack all the filling into one shell, and ditch the extra carbs. Who's the smarty in the sombrero? You are!

Ignore the "angas" and "adas". Chimichangas, enchiladas, empanadas... All code for fried in oil and/or smothered in cheese. Who needs 'em?

Make a DIY margarita. Even a small restaurant margarita can have around 350 calories... the large ones have closer to 600 calories! Here's what to do: Before you head out to eat, pocket a packet of sugar-free lemonade mix (like True Lemon Original Lemonade). Then order a tequila and club soda with a lime wedge, and stir in some of that lemonade mix. Your drink will have only around 100 calories! Just don't use that as an excuse to drink too much. You still need to get home safely, plus getting too tipsy can lead to bad food choices.

Cinco de Mayo Party Must-Haves

Baked Tortilla Chips
Our go-to corn chips are Guiltless Gourmet. Tasty, low in fat, and they come in fantastic flavors, like Chili Lime. Another mighty fine option is Tostitos Oven Baked Scoops! -- not the sturdiest chips around (so mind your dips), but totally sufficient for transporting salsa, and they're easy to find. Wanna DIY? Whip up several batches of our Crazy-Good Corn Chips! They're almost too easy to make...

Kick things up a notch with southwestern salsa (the kind with beans and corn) and fruity salsas (like pineapple or mango). Also great? The fresh salsa and chunky pico de gallo found in the refrigerated section. Feel like going the homemade route? Chop up some tomato, onion, jalapeño, and cilantro, and season it up. Feel free to get a little schmancy with beans or diced fruit! In fact, here's a recipe to dress up plain salsa... 

Truth be told, we like to go the DIY route with guacamole. (See the recipes below for proof!) But the lineup from Wholly Guacamole is terrific; the brand even has guacamole-salsa hybrids, which are fantastic if you like super-sized portions without super-sized stats. (Who doesn't?) And if you're having a party of one, the 120-calorie cups are lifesavers.

Bean Dip
Your best option for store-bought bean dip is in the refrigerated section… in the form of hummus. Hummus is a bean dip! And Lantana's Sweet & Spicy Black Bean Hummus will be the life of your party, we assure you.


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Today, May 1st, is May Day and National Chocolate Parfait Day. This chocolate-banana oatmeal parfait is great for breakfast... or any meal, come to think of it!

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