15 Ways To Change Up Chicken!

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Whether you've got raw chicken breasts on hand or cooked chicken that's begging to be dressed up, rest assured that you'll never (ever, ever) be bored by chicken again...


HG's 15 Ways to Change Up Chicken

Pizza-fy it.
Of course you can put chicken on top of pizza. (We have decadent swaps for CPK pizzas and Pizza Hut pies.) But why not use chicken as the crust? The key here is pounding the chicken breast nice and thin. Then cook it; top it with sauce, cheese, and veggies; and eat! Click here for a classic recipe and here for another.

Slow-cook it. Bust out that slow cooker, because it's one of the best possible ways to prepare lots of tender, juicy chicken. This BBQ pulled chicken is fantastic on sandwiches, salads, and forks. This fruity mix is also great in any situation. Want soup or stew? We're obsessed with this Tex-Mex Chicken Stew, and you can never go wrong with good ol' chicken soup.

Stuff it. This technique only looks fancy -- in reality, it couldn't be easier. Pound that chicken cutlet to a thin and even thickness; a meat mallet is great, but a heavy can works too. Top the pounded chicken with your favorite filling (like fajita veggies), roll it up, and bake until fully cooked. Here's a four-ingredient recipe for BBQ chicken stuffed with cheesy goodness. And if you want to put the moves on someone special, make sure our Chicken Amore is on the menu.

Faux-fry it. Because fried chicken, right? So yummy. But even the leanest food in the world becomes fatty when you deep-fry it in oil. Don't cry -- faux-fry! Grind up and season some bran cereal, and you've got high-fiber breadcrumbs for cooking up crispy chicken. Chicken strips? Check. Chicken Parm? Check. So many possibilities!

Chopstick it. Step away from the Chinese takeout menu... The best-tasting entrées are calorie catastrophes. Make that tasty stuff yourself, HG-style! Our sesame-chicken recipe is amazingly delicious, and this sweet-and-sour chicken will put too-sugary versions to shame. Game for lo mein? Whip up our famous So Low Mein with Chicken.

Salad-ify it. We're not talking about slapping plain chicken over a pile of lettuce. Dial up the flavor with this BBQ chicken salad. Crazy 'bout chopped salads? This party-in-a-bowl is what you crave. And if you dig the mason jar trend (we do!), our Fruity Bacon Chicken Salad is calling your name.

Scoop it. Not looking for anything leafy? Conventional deli-style chicken salad is a fatty disaster, but we know how to do it right. This pick is creamy and spicy, this one's a wrap star, and one of our all-time faves is this Scoopable Chinese Chicken Salad! Yummm...

Casserole it. Got a super-hungry family to feed? You need a casserole, STAT. A panful of chicken pot pie is never going to disappoint. Or opt for a cornbread-topped recipe -- BBQ chicken never had it so good. And this tetrazzini swap takes some time to make, but it's worth every second.

Sandwich it. Ho-hum, right? Wrong. Unless you find a Buffalo-chicken grilled cheese boring, in which case we don't even know you anymore. Don't want to chop that chicken? Make this bruschetta-inspired sandwich. Or slice your poultry, and serve it on a slim bun with zesty beans and DIY guac.

Hungry-grill it. Grill marks make any food taste a little more special. If you don't have a grill, fake it with a grill pan. Then glaze your chicken, apricot-style, or peanut-sauce it, Thai-style! Kebab fiend? Skewer fajita fixins for optimum grillability...

Bowl with it. For those who don't want a straight-up salad, we've made over a couple of all-the-rage restaurant bowls. Try this citrus-licious recipe, or get your chipotle on. If you feel compelled to go rogue and make your own, just remember to a) pick your ingredients wisely, and b) measure everything.

Noodle it. Even if you're steering away from carby noodles, you can still get your chicken-topped pasta fix. This Fettuccine Hungry Chick-fredo uses an amazingly low-calorie noodle swap made from tofu and yam flour. Want a couple of variations? Try this veggie-loaded version (with broccoli slaw playing the part of the noodles), or skew Southwestern.

Breakfast-ify it. We love to chow down on a protein-packed morning meal, and chicken is an excellent way to go. Want a breakfast skillet with chicken and avocado? You got it. A simple omelette with a Thai spin? Coming right up… you know, after you make it.

Foil pack it. How could we not mention foil-pack recipes? Fast eats with quick cleanup! This veggie 'n chicken pack is great when you crave a stir-fry but would rather skip all that stirring. Fruity meets savory with this cherry-BBQ concoction, and you'll want to bookmark this herby chicken recipe for eternity.

Mex' it. There are roughly a bazillion ways to make Mexican-inspired chicken. But we've finally reached the end of this list, so we'll just rattle off a few. Merge Mexican and Greek flavors with these too-good tacos. A bacon-ranch burrito will satisfy you when nothing else will. And finally, the love we've got for this creamy-good quesadilla knows no bounds.


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March 27th (today) is National Spanish Paella Day. If you feel like making something extra tasty -- and topical -- for your Friday-night dinner, we recommend giving this recipe a spin...

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