Mid-Year Diet Resolutions: Get Your Diet Back on Track

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It's the middle of the year... pretty much as far from New Year's Day as it gets. Don't wait 'til next January to revamp your diet habits -- make some mid-year diet resolutions! We've got suggestions...


Hungry Girl's Mid-Year Resolutions


Mid-Year Problem: "I'm not meeting my weight-loss/weight-management goals, and I have NO CLUE why."

Mid-Year Resolution: "I'll start keeping a food journal, and stick with it until I uncover (and correct) the culprits."

The easiest way to get to the bottom of a weight plateau or weight gain is by carefully tracking your food intake. Keep an online or pen-and-paper food journal, and update it throughout the day... Every bite counts. At the end of each week, review your journal and look for patterns. Maybe you'll notice that you make smart choices for most of the day, but your dietary decisions go downhill during idle evenings at home. (Solution: See next resolution!) Maybe you'll see that the numbers on the scale always creep up after a week of frequent dining out. (Solution: Check out these menu hacks.) From chronic snacking to drive-thru temptation, we all have our weaknesses. Find yours, and fight back!

Mid-Year Problem: "I have good intentions, but the contents of my fridge get the best of me."

Mid-Year Resolution: "I'll give my fridge a makeover and commit to the upkeep!"

It's time to un-junk your food stash. Phase out the bad-for-you eats, and replace them with smart swaps... If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. Is leftover Chinese food a weekday staple? Make a batch of DIY low-cal lo mein on the weekend instead of ordering takeout. Do you buy hummus because it's healthy, but find that you generally plow through an entire container in one sitting? Replace it with salsa, plus baby carrots for dipping! Check out our supermarket list for more ideas...

Mid-Year Problem: "I want to be more physically active, but a gym membership/routine isn't realistic for me."

Mid-Year Resolution: "I'll embrace an every-little-bit-counts approach, and make a low-key plan I can stick to."

This one's more about physical activity than diet, but the two go hand in hand. And daily hour-long workouts just aren't realistic for everyone. Well, say goodbye to that all-or-nothing mentality, and create your own can-do routine. Get yourself a pedometer, and commit to a daily step goal. (Hello, Housewalking!) Find a half-hour fitness DVD you like, and aim to work out with it three times a week. (Even if you only get to it twice, that's better than nothing!) Click here for more real-world exercise ideas.

Mid-Year Problem: "I'm stuck in a food rut."

Mid-Year Resolution: "I'll try at least one new thing in the kitchen each week."

Boredom is probably one of the biggest reasons that people throw in the towel when they're trying to lose weight. But behold this motto… Healthy food doesn't need to be boring! If you love chicken but are sick of plain grilled cutlets, check out these 15 ways to change it up. Enjoy oatmeal in the morning but tired of the same ol' oats? We've got 18 easy add-ins! Our recipe search function is now better than ever, so plug in some of your go-to ingredients, and prepare to liven up your food routine!


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