Springtime Recipe Roundup

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This spring, save cash by cookin' with seasonal fruits and veggies... They're less expensive than the out-of-season stuff. Bonus: Produce at its peak tastes extra awesome!

Seasonal Cooking with Asparagus

So-Fancy Fish Pack - So simple, but you'll feel extra-fancy eating fish and asparagus with a pretty lemon garnish.

Hot & Cold 10-Veggie Explosion - The mix of fresh and canned veggies in this salad is another money saver. And the three-ingredient dressing is so good!

Vampire-Proof Chicken 'n Veggie Pasta - Our swap for The Cheesecake Factory's asparagus-studded noodle dish is a total upgrade.

Mostly Roasted Salad with Grilled Chicken - Roasted veggies = mega flavor. P.S. Click for crudités with a roasty twist.


Saucy-Q Chicken Soft Tacos - More mango 'n BBQ madness here. These tacos are as tasty as they are beauteous...

BBQ Mango Tilapia - A flawless installment in the fish 'n fruit hall of fame. This BBQ recipe is saucy and spectacular!

Dessert Island Parfait - It tastes like dessert, but we wouldn't hesitate to eat this for breakfast. Or any other time of day, for that matter.

Fruity & Tangy Cocktail Meatballs - These meatballs are PERFECT for parties. Everyone loves them!

Seasonal Cooking with Mangoes
Seasonal Cooking with Snap Peas
  Snap Peas

Sesame Salmon & Snap Peas en Foil - Another fish 'n veggie foil pack. Because yay!

Chop-Chop Beef Stir-Fry - This dish satisfied a competitive eater on HG's TV show. Chances are, it'll satisfy you too.

It's a Snap! Sesame Chicken Snack - One of the quickest and easiest ways to enjoy snap peas (other than just tossing them into your piehole).

Spicy Thai-Style No-Cook Stir-Fry - Inspired by peanut-y noodle dishes, this recipe requires no cooking AND no noodles.


Spinach & Artichoke Grilled Cheese - A bowl of spinach-artichoke dip does not a meal make. But we love it, so there's this sandwich to enjoy.

Cheesy Spinach Breakfast Tostada - Start off your day right with this delicious, protein-packed veggie goodness!

Spinach, Tomato, Feta 'n Egg Wrap Attack! - The original returned to Starbucks, but that doesn't mean you can't still DIY at home.

BLT-rific Mac 'n Cheese - We use spinach instead of lettuce in this mac 'n cheese, but we haven't heard any complaints... Only the sound of chewing and mmmm-ing.

Seasonal Cooking with Spinach
Seasonal Cooking with Avocado

Holy Moly Guacamole - The #1 way to eat avocado. And check out this roasted-corn variation!

A+ Avocado Burger - Utterly simple and completely guilt-free. A+ indeed...

Cali-Style Chicken Flatbread - California folks like us love avocado and bacon. Wait -- everyone does! Chow down...

Avocado Girlfredo - Take our classic Girlfredo up to the next level -- yes, warm avocado is AMAZING in this recipe.

Bonus: Strawberries

These red berries already have their own roundup! Check out all the berr'ific goodness.

Seasonal Cooking with Strawberries

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