What to Eat Before & After You Work Out

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Working out? Good for you! But you've gotta make sure you're properly fueled... and not overly stuffed or negating your calorie burn. Here's some need-to-know info plus top-notch snack suggestions!

  Before a Workout…

If you're going to turn up the burn, you better have some fuel in that tank, a.k.a. your body. There's a myth that exercising on an empty stomach will torch more calories and fat, but experts say NOPE -- if you don't have glucose in your system, you risk burning muscle. So eat something small but nutritious about an hour before you exercise. Have a combination of lean protein, quality carbs, and a bit of healthy fats. And really watch your portions! You don't want to feel bogged down...

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  Pre-Workout Snack Finds  
  After a Workout…

High five, rock star -- way to kick that workout's butt! Now it's time to give your body what it needs to properly recover. Exercise pros say to give yourself some cool-down time -- at least 15 minutes -- but to eat within two hours to refuel. Again, we're looking at healthy carbs and lean protein. Warning: Don't make the mistake of thinking, "I just burned a bunch of calories, and now I can eat whatever I want!" Do you really want to cancel out that hard work you just did? Have a smart snack. If it's closer to mealtime, prepare a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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  Don't Forget Fluids...

* Water is wildly important when it comes to physical activity. Drink lots of it -- before, during, and after!

* "What about sports drinks?" If you really sweat up a storm and are concerned about nutrient depletion, sure. (Check the stats, and make sure that the drink isn’t loaded with calories.) But we'd recommend water paired with a banana for potassium. Coconut water is good too, but have it in addition to regular water, not in its place.

* Don't use fruit juices and other sugary drinks to quench that thirst. You're much better off having water with one of the aforementioned snacks.

* Trend alert: Chocolate milk is being regarded as the hot new recovery drink. Weird, huh? If you want to give it a shot, we suggest whisking a couple of tablespoons of chocolate protein powder (like the kind by Quest) into 8 ounces of fat-free milk. Then switch back to that H2O.


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It's Fiber Friday (the second Friday in February), a holiday that we made up back in 2010. One of the easiest ways to get natural fiber into your diet? Broccoli cole slaw!

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