Hungry Girl Survival Guides: Best and Worst Choices at Restaurant Chains, Holidays, and More

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We've updated our wildly popular collection of Hungry Girl Survival Guides, bringing you even more ridiculously helpful smart-eating strategies! Bookmark it. Share it. Love it!

Hungry Girl Survival Guides: Fast Food
  Stop & Go Eating

Chipotle Survival Guide - Everyone loves Chipotle, but the customization is both a blessing and a curse... See how things add up!

Taco Bell Survival Guide - Before you run for the border, read up on the healthiest and lowest-calorie items you can order at Taco Bell! Burritos, breakfast, and beyond…

Subway Survival Guide - While Subway is a great place to assemble a smart meal, the menu has its pitfalls. Scope out our latest guide...

Panera Bread Survival Guide - There's more to Panera than just bread. Navigate the menu with this handy guide!

Starbucks Survival Guide - You must read this before your next stop at the 'Bucks. It's crammed with the smartest java options, breakfast finds, and pastry-case picks.

Fast-Food Survival Guide - Get through ANY burger-joint drive-thru without a calorie catastrophe. Read up on our top tips and best picks.

Sandwich-Shop Survival Guide - Here's advice you can apply at any sub stop, plus the 411 on several sandwich chains. This guide's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

Ice-Cream-Shop Survival Guide - Tips for ordering at popular chains and general ice cream advice are covered here. Do not miss it.

Fro Yo Survival Guide - Frozen yogurt more your speed? There's a guide for that! Read up on soft-serve suggestions and so much more.


  Sit Down and Dine

The Cheesecake Factory - From SkinnyLicious favorites to shockers to avoid, we've got the 411 on what to order at The Cheesecake Factory. Bonus: The official NUTRITIONAL GUIDE for the entire menu!

Red Robin Survival Guide
- We're not gonna lie -- this place is tricky to navigate in a guilt-free fashion. Luckily, we crunched all the numbers for you!

Chili's Survival Guide - Our latest Chili's guide has the 411 on apps, soups, sides, and entrées. Eat up...

TGI Fridays Survival Guide - Loads of helpful info here. From starters to side dishes, we've got you covered!

P.F. Chang's - Family-style Chinese food needs some survival tips… We've got 'em!

Olive Garden Survival Guide - Sure, it's safe to assume anything "endless" is a bad choice here, but you wouldn't believe how many smart selections we found...

Ruby Tuesday Survival Guide - Are you familiar with how many excellent options there are at Ruby Tuesday? Prepare to be impressed...

IHOP Survival Guide - There are plenty of smart picks at the International House of Pancakes. This guide's even got a Beyond Breakfast section!

Chinese Restaurant Survival Guide - Check out the calorie counts on common dishes before your next takeout meal. And don't miss the HG makeovers!

Chinese Buffet Survival Guide - Endless platters of yummy Chinese food? This buffet needs its own guide.

Sushi Restaurant Survival Guide - So much fantastic info here, no blurb could do it justice. YUM!

Hungry Girl Survival Guides: Sit-Down Dining
Hungry Girl Survival Guides: Work, Travel, and More
  Think Outside the Eateries...

At-Work Survival Guide - Workplace snacking DOs and DON'Ts, tips for a brilliant brown-bag lunch, and guilt-free desk snacks!

Back-to-School Survival Guide (College Edition) - Learn how to navigate the campus dining hall, find the best snacks to keep in your dorm room, and whip up a bunch of no-cook basics in a small kitchen space.

Travel Survival Guide - Use this handy reference to avoid a trip to Calorie City. (We hear that's not where you were headed, anyway.)

Brunch Survival Guide - With both breakfast-y and lunch-like options, brunch can be a scary situation. No worries; we've got this...

Convenience Store Survival Guide - Need to throw together a meal at a convenience store pit stop? This guide'll get you through it!

Happy Hour Survival Guide - Keep cocktail time happy with these guidelines for a guilt-free party. Plus, recommendations on how to stock your own bar, HG-style!

  Holiday-Centric Solutions...

Holiday Season Survival Guide - This guide'll get you through all those winter festivities. It's also great for dinner events and cocktail parties!

Super Bowl Survival Guide - Recipes, pregame ideas, party tips... This one is great for any game day!

Cinco de Mayo
 - From dining-out hacks to DIY staples, we've got the 411 for your Mexican-style celebration!

Summer Survival Guide - From BBQs to beach days, and everything in between. Lots of product picks and recipe ideas here!

Halloween Candy Survival Guide - Let's face it -- it's hard to hide from candy all year-round. Better bookmark this one.

Hungry Girl Survival Guides: Holiday Treats & Feasts

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